Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Maybrie!

January 6, 2009- Maybrie was born two years ago in Orem, UT.

8 months old

1 year old

21 months old

I used my new Cricut personal cutting machine to make a birthday banner (one I plan on re-using on every future birthday!)

We celebrated with a yummy dinner of homemade pizza and invited my sister Jessica & her husband & kids over to share in the festivities.

Again, I used my Cricut for the cute letters of her name.

Ready for cake!

Happy Birthday!

She liked licking the frosting off the candy.

Presents... she got gifts from her grandparents and aunts & uncles... which meant it was like another Christmas, and now she is officially spoiled!

I don't think she could have been more thrilled with the gifts she got! She shouted with joy over everything, and wanted to play with each toy immediately rather than discover what the other presents were. It was very entertaining!

Already had to open the baby doll and play with her even though the entire pile of gifts still sat unopened. She loved her baby, stroller, "la la's"- Princesses (all Disney princesses sing, of course!), Barbie & coloring stuff. She is a very enthusiastic and talkative two year old! We are sure to have a busy and fun year with her! Happy Birthday baby girl!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

We rang in the New Year with just the three of us this year. We went to dinner at El Valle, a yummy Mexican restaurant... I was in heaven and enjoyed every bite! Then we came home and played with streamers, played Memory, danced, ate ice cream, and blew horns and popped poppers at 8pm! It was fun!
Maybrie running around with the streamers
Blowing horns with daddy
Check out how excited Maybrie is about these poppers that shoot out streamers!
Maybrie had a ball!
Happy New Year!!!