Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break Week 2

On Easter Sunday I tried to take pictures of the kids in their cute new Easter clothes... they were not very cooperative!
 Eventually a little later while Skyping I made Brian grab the camera quick and we snagged these, not too bad, but not the cute background I envisioned! Kids! Taking pictures of them is always such fun.

 Classic Easter dinner of ham, funeral potatoes, and Jell-o, yum!
 Another fun position we found Thomas asleep in! Crazy kid.
 We spent most of the week just relaxing and playing at home.Here are a few snapshots of our downtime:
Maybrie all dressed up!
 Nice spring weather meant climbing a tree outside.
 Homemade pizza with the Woolf's. Love them! Thomas and Jaxson sure enjoyed it. :)
 Silly Maybrie colored her lips with a blue marker... she said she was trying to make lipstick!
 We went and visited the Daetwyler's to see the dog they were watching for the week. The kids went crazy! Thomas says "doggy" all the time and kept pointing and saying it over and over. They were so enthusiastic, they actually made the dog shake!
 In this picture you can see them getting right in his face. Thomas actually climbed in his bed with him! Maybrie told me after visiting that we need to get a dog because Thomas loves them so much... maybe someday when I am no longer allergic! haha!
 Maybrie insisted on putting on her clip-on earrings for her "wedding". I was to be her prince!
 We spent a lot of time in pajamas... love lazy mornings.
 Found Thomas like this when I got out of the shower, though I did remove the broken glass from his hand before snapping a picture! The kid broke the glass with rice and fake flowers that was on top of the kitchen table... no more glass there for a long while! Yikes!
 Found Maybrie like this shortly after starting a movie during Thomas's naptime. A day at the park in the sun can wear a kid out... I didn't mind, it meant I got a nap too! Yes!
 Friday night Brian and I went downtown to celebrate our friend Amber Lee's birthday at a pizzeria. She is in his grad program and loves to babysit our kids. It was nice for me to meet some more of his classmates as well.
 My sweet visiting teacher Jeanette Hay made us a conference basket with these cute booklets to keep Maybrie occupied. Maybrie was so excited she set this up the night before. :) Thanks Jeanette, you're awesome!
 We finally have spring weather and the kids (well, all of us) are LOVING it! 
Thomas on his new bike... thank you Hess's for lending it to us for the summer, I don't think he could be any more excited about it!
 Nice to have a little backyard space for chalk, etc.that doesn't require my constant attention.
 Kids decided to give me a little concert before bed. It was adorable, but I swear Thomas is going to fall off that table soon if Maybrie keeps coaxing him onto such unsafe surfaces... scares me to death!
 Watching General Conference at home. Kids were fairly reverent. I think I am just getting really good at tuning out their noise! The words were powerful and I am left feeling motivated and ready to kick my missionary efforts into high gear! Did anyone else feel the need to get to work after listening? I sure do. But I think it is a super exciting time and am thrilled to be a part of the church and the increased missionary efforts. What a great way to finish off my break! So thankful for the gospel and my little family.
Well, I guess that's a wrap... it's back to school tomorrow morning. Only two months to go, then it's summer and vacation time! Can't wait!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break Week 1

Maybrie and I had a two week spring break from school... woo hoo!!!  Friday before the break our school kicked the vacation off with a Beach Day and all school dance party. Maybrie and I dressed up and of course Thomas wanted to put his sunglasses on too!
Our break started with a blizzard on Sunday... I looked out our window at the snow and thought, "Something is wrong with this picture?!"
Lately we've been finding Thomas asleep on the floor right inside his door like this...
On Monday I took the kids out to play in the snow. It was Thomas's first time. He just loved making footprints running up and down the sidewalk, and when he reached the deeper grass areas, he gave me a distressed look like this!

Maybrie was thrilled to make a snow angel and snowman (or watch me do it!).
One of my favorite words Thomas says now is Jesus, and I often find him pulling his Jesus book off the shelf and saying his name with every picture. So sweet!
Finally made a Costco trip, something I have really missed since working full-time. Here are my cute little helpers slurping up their favorite... berry smoothie!
We also spent several hours at our favorite- The Children's Museum. It was packed because of spring break, but that wouldn't stop Maybrie! The kids and I still had a blast as always. We enjoyed checking out the new Geckos exhibit and the special limited time spring break Superhero exhibit. It's fun to see the new things they explore each time, and how they actually play together now.

One of the best from mine and Brian's childhood... TMNT!
Gotta love Han Solo
The actual costume Channing Tatum wore in G.I. Joe
The cutest super hero there BY FAR!
I couldn't get this guy to stop running in his cape!
The cape Christopher Reeve wore in Superman
Hot Wheels is still one of their favorite parts to visit.
Thomas loves to hoard the cars as kids drop them down the race track.
This is new in the lobby... Bumblebee from Transformers, pretty cool.
Maybrie makes the cutest transformer.

On Friday we dyed Easter eggs as a family.

On Friday night I surprised Brian with a special "dental school acceptance celebratory date" to The Mindtripping Show downtown. It was a blast! We laughed like crazy and had our minds tripped a little bit too. I highly recommend it if you're ever in Indy!
On Saturday morning the kids found their baskets filled from the Easter bunny and we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt with our ward members in our neighborhood. I made prize eggs and suggested donuts and milk, patterned after the Northridge Easter egg hunts I grew up with. It was a huge success!

Then we headed to the historic Hoosier Gym in Knightstown, IN for our friend Dennis Gillespie's birthday. It is the school gym where the movie Hoosiers was filmed. It was really cool to see. They have kept it up really well. Thomas was in ball heaven! It was a great afternoon with friends, and a fun way to kind of say good bye to the Gillespie's who will be graduating and moving next month. :(

The guys pretending to be the defeated basketball team from the movie!

Damon Gillespie... such a cutie!
Our family
An Easter egg hunt and running around the gym for two hours wore this little guy out! He tried to nap on a ball! :)
We went from a blizzard at the beginning of the week to a beautiful sunshiny day at the end of it. The kids thoroughly enjoyed playing in our backyard for the first time this year all afternoon.
Oh how I love this little boy! I LOVE love LOVE his "Cheese" face! So darn cute!
It was a great, fun-filled week.