Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ezra's first birthday

Ezra turned one on Friday. He has two teeth, crawls everywhere, pulls himself to a stand, climbs up the stairs, won't drink milk from a bottle/sippy cup, loves to eat regular food at the table with us, growls when playing with dinosaurs/animals, gets into cupboards and loves pull everything out of my purse. Ezra is still super smiley and happy and has the cutest little giggle. He is still constantly smothered by Maybrie and Thomas. He is very tiny, 10th percentile. 

For Ezra's big day I put up our birthday banner with a picture from every month of his first year on it. I also got him a balloon which he loved playing with. We invited Daetwylers, Pulhams, Thayns, Maxwells, and Kirkwoods over to celebrate. When we first gave Ezra his cake he put his fingers in it and pushed it away... twice! Then I gave him a bite or two so he would know what it is. Then he took off... he totally dug in and was focused eating for like 20 minutes. He was the most adorable little blue smurf! We had pizza for dinner. We gave Ezra some dinosaurs and Holly embroidered him two BYU Cougars shirts. We had a lot of fun. We just love our sweet baby Ezra!




Friday, November 14, 2014


Maybrie going back to school was the perfect opportunity to hit potty training hard with Thomas. We bought a set of super hero action figures and told him he could have one every time he went pee on the potty... and boy was it motivating for him! He ended up getting them all in the first day and only had one accident. It was a total breakthrough... I was beyond thrilled! He is still doing great, except that he can't seem to get number two in the potty. So I suppose that is our next hurdle. The boys and I went back to some of our typical routine outings like visiting the library. Thomas was excited that his friend Beckett got to come with us... they even held hands walking in! Thomas had fun playing with the digi-littles dinosaurs and cameras with his friends. The fall colors have been stunning... I think my favorite road to drive in the fall here is Thompson road which is between our house and the library. It has so many trees lining the road and bending over it like a tunnel. Such a beautiful time of year! For FHE we decorated pumpkin sugar cookies and carved pumpkins. The kids loved it and they all turned out so well. 

When I went to help at Maybrie's school on Thursday I was pleased to find her work displayed to represent her class in the main hallway. She sure loves school and is just taking huge strides in her reading and writing now. It's so fun to see her love of learning! Ezra is getting busier and figured out how to climb the stairs this week. He can make it all the way to the top and will now follow me or Thomas up there... he doesn't like being left alone! 

Brian and I got to go to a Murder Mystery Dinner Party on Thursday night at the Gunnell's home. I played Nicole Wilton, a spoiled heiress/ TV celebrity and Brian played Sam Spellburn, a Hollywood director. We went up with Michael and Maddie, who are always such fun company. The whole evening was a blast! We had so much fun dressing up, getting into character, and visiting with friends. It was a wonderful date!

Halloween was rainy and cold... which was such a bummer since it had been nice the entire two weeks leading up to it. The weather didn't stop us from having a good time though. The boys and I went to our playgroup Halloween party at Dawn's house. She always goes all out with decorations... it was awesome! We had fun crafts, games, and lunch. Thomas had a great time! Then that night we went trick-or-treating with the Walser's, Navarro's and Apple's in their neighborhood. Maybrie was a cheerleader, Thomas was a BYU football player, Ezra was the football and we were the cougar fans. It was cold... sleet on our way over. So we only lasted about 30 minutes, but the kids loved it. Maybrie led the pack running from house to house and Thomas was hilarious trying to keep up with her. His puffy jacket looked like actual football pads... it was cute! Even Ezra was smiling and laughing in the stroller as we walked the neighborhood. When we went home and got warmed up we at Jack-o-lantern pizza for dinner and had the Kenney's over for some simple games... bowling, candy corn on a spoon and dropping candy corn in a bucket. The kids loved it and had no idea I was coming up with the games as we went along! haha 

On Saturday I took the kids out so that Brian could have a quiet house to study and write his talk for church. We went a Furry Tails play at the library. It was really cute and Maybrie got to participate in the retelling of the Three Little Pigs (Bears). She was excited and I was proud of her for being so brave. After the library I took the kids to lunch at Steak n Shake... something I never do! But I was trying to kill time, hadn't packed lunch, and kids were supposedly free all weekend. You only get one free meal with every $8 spent... so it wasn't as cheap as I thought, but it was still inexpensive, and the kids thought it was awesome. They loved the fold up cars, hats, and coloring pages that kept them entertained while we waited for our food. I love my kids and am glad I have them to keep me company on days that Brian has to study for hours on end! Brian did a great job on his talk on Sunday and we enjoyed having a spiritually uplifting family day between all the school work.