Sunday, January 10, 2016


I had my first ultrasound and was pleased to find one healthy baby inside. We decided to tell the kids about the baby because I was afraid that it was becoming obvious and I wanted them to hear it from me first. They were so excited, especially Maybrie, though Ezra has no clue what is going on. I have been having a lot of fun spending my days with Thomas and Ezra. They are such fun little sidekicks and we are getting into a routine, enjoying lunch, grocery trips to Kroger, and nap time at home. One day we ate lunch with Maybrie at school. They all had a great time and Ezra was very sad to say goodbye to Maybrie when it was time for us to leave. He loves his big sister. We announced the upcoming arrival of baby #4 on Instagram and Facebook saying that we were going to celebrate "Labor Day" in March this year.
On Labor Day we drove down to Kentucky and met Darin, Christy, Makaela, and Elise at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. It was pretty neat, but not a place I would visit again, especially because my allergies acted up so bad. The kids had fun playing with Makaela and it was fun to meet our newest niece Elise, who is so sweet. That afternoon we went back to their house in Richmond, KY for a BBQ dinner and birthday cake for Makaela's 6th birthday. It was a good visit.
We bought Thomas a new pair of tennis shoes for the year, which he thinks are awesome and make him run super fast! Brian participated in the IUPUI Regatta canoe races on the canal downtown again. Brian totally smoked his heat, but they didn't make it to the finals. It was a fun day as it has been each year. The boys and I went to several playgroups... the mall play area and we finally discovered Holliday park which is so awesome! I can't wait to take Brian and Maybrie there. They have a nice nature center, trails, and probably one of the coolest playgrounds I've ever seen. Maybrie had a day off for parent-teacher conferences and was able to come with us to Anderson Orchard... I look forward to their apple cider slush every year. The beautiful fall weather has meant lots of evenings playing outside at the dinosaur park. Andrea took our family pictures in the lovely Holcomb Gardens at Butler University. Another great hidden gem in our city. We love how the pictures turned out.


For my birthday some friends surprised me and took me out to Orange Leaf. Brian spoiled me the entire day, making me French toast for breakfast, letting me go out shopping by myself and take a nap, and then out on a date to dinner. He took me to Bonefish Grill but we had to leave because the smell of fish was making me sick. We went to Moe's instead. 
I spent most of the month taking many naps because I was so sick and nauseous. Luckily Thomas and Ezra were good at entertaining themselves playing and watching TV. When my posterity asks about the lack of pictures from this month I will say... mommy was sick and pregnant, enough said!


On the 4th we went to the ward's annual breakfast and then we spent the afternoon/evening at the Hay's house celebrating with friends. They had water toys, bubbles, and a bounce house for the kids, plenty of good food and fun visiting with friends. Rocky and Ed always have fun shooting off fireworks over the pond for us. We had a great time. 
We were thrilled to discover I am pregnant with baby #4! The kids and I snuck in one last visit to the Children's museum before Maybrie headed back to school. Brian and I discovered we like Cajun food at the delicious Papa Roux's where we celebrated Gabby's 40th birthday. Brian spent a lot of time at the dental clinic assisting and trying to get patients. The kids and I survived a monsoon of rain getting to our car from inside Shoe Carnival thanks to the ingenious and kind workers who made the kids ponchos out of bags! The crazy rain led to serious flooding in our area, entering apartments at the end of our row and ruining cars that were stuck in the parking lot. Maybrie got an adorable back-to-school haircut.
We also enjoyed the open house for the Indianapolis Indiana temple. Brian and I were lucky enough to volunteer. I was a tour guide and Brian was a door greeter. It was so cool to hear some of the background on the building of the temple and have the opportunity to teach and bear my testimony to people of various beliefs. It was a very spiritual experience. The temple is simply beautiful and it has been so neat to be a part of such a historic event that means so much to the saints here. We also took the kids through and Brian was able to go through with some dental school friends as well. Brian worked with the youth on the cultural celebration which he said was an amazing event as well. I wish I could've seen it. Brian and I also attended the dedication at our church building. President Eyring and Elder Ballard were the presiding general authorities. 

We found the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show at the library... the kids love it and I may have gotten sucked into a few episodes myself! haha We said goodbye to summer with our first Indianapolis Indians baseball game at Victory Field. It was so much fun! We had great weather, friends, popcorn, and an awesome fireworks show to finish off the night. 
Maybrie started first grade at Blue Academy. Her teacher is Mrs. Bangel. She was so brave and has had no problems adjusting... so much growth since Kindergarten where she took months to open up and start talking. She loves school! Thomas and Ezra love going outside every morning to wait for the bus with her. Thomas cries anytime she runs off before giving him a hug goodbye! We celebrated the start of a new school year with a movie night on Friday... something that is quickly becoming a regular weekly event the kids look forward to.