Sunday, August 17, 2014

Indiana State Fair

The past two weeks we have enjoyed having Brian around a lot since he has only been taking two summer classes. Fall semester starts full force on Monday. While studying and taking several exams this week Brian has found that he needs to start building his endurance back up after such a long summer break. And the kids, especially Thomas, need to practice leaving daddy alone so he can study! We have also been adjusting to Maybrie being in school full day. I think the transition may be the hardest for Thomas right now as he has lost his two favorite playmates, daddy and Maybrie, to school. He constantly asks where they are and when they will be home. One afternoon this week when Maybrie came home he said, "I missed you so much!" To which Maybrie replied, "That is the cutest thing I've ever heard!" and proceeded to give him a hug! It was a tender moment... but don't be fooled, the hug turned into wrestling, shortly followed by yelling and fighting! Haha Thomas is getting good at playing by himself, playing with Ezra, and usually has a constant game of "house" going on with me (it's his new favorite- he loves to pick who plays which role, with him usually being a dog or a horse)! 

I am finding that it is much easier getting out the door with just two kids, though the first couple outings I found myself looking for Maybrie like I had forgotten someone. The boys (Thomas and Ezra) and I went to playgroup both weeks, one to the splash pad at Carson park and one to the Garfield Park conservatory and gardens. On Tuesday the 5th we checked Maybrie out of school an hour early and went to $2 Tuesday at the Indiana State Fair. We saw many friends there including the Maxwell's, Kirkwood's, Pena's and Thayn's. We had great weather and enjoyed seeing animals, riding the carousel, being farmers on "Little Hands on the Farm" (still my favorite thing at the fair), climbing on tractors, etc. It was nice having Brian join us on a midweek Costco run and Thomas enjoyed going to the zoo with just daddy that afternoon while Ezra napped. On Friday the 8th we participated in the 3rd annual Manchester progressive dinner. It'as always so fun visiting with good friends and making new ones too. The next day I got to help throw Andrea Thayn a baby girl shower at Holly's house. It looked adorable and there was a great turn out, which is always a nice relief when you help plan. 

Maybrie came down with a cough and had to stay home from school both Thursday and Friday this week. Ezra cut his first two bottom teeth, one last week and one this week. He has been a little fussy, drooly and congested, but not too bad considering. He is scooting faster and faster and now loves to go in corners where there are cords or garbage cans, and into the bathrooms and kitchen. He is quiet too so I have to keep a close eye on him! The past few days he has decided he doesn't like baby food much anymore and spits it all over the place. I gave him some bread and he thought it was the best thing ever. So I suppose we will have to venture into mashing up regular table food for him. Can't believe he is that big already!

On Saturday Brian stayed home with the kids doing chores and building forts while I went and cleaned the church with the relief society and ran errands with Maddie. Always nice to get out and be with girls, and even better when you get cute picture texts from your husband of the fun he and the kids are having at home. We had a nice relaxing Sunday with church and the Daetwyler's over for dinner. We even got to play "the balloon game" and "house" with the kids. I found a quote recently that says "Wake up excited and go to bed content." I have decided that is exactly what I want for my life... I am going to make it my new mantra. Right now at the close of this week I actually feel pretty content, so I'm going to try and hold onto this moment and pray I can wake up excited for the new week in the morning.



Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kindergarten & 29th Birthday

It's been a good week, but one where my emotions kind of rode a roller coaster! 

On Monday for family home evening we talked about father's blessings and Brian gave Maybrie (and Thomas and me) one to bless her as she starts Kindergarten. On Tuesday I took the kids to story time at the library (Maybrie wanted to go one last time before starting school) and saw lots of our friends there. Then Brian and I were able to go on a mid-week afternoon date... thank you Kristen Brunner for babysitting! We went to the beautiful Lilly House and gardens at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It was perfect weather. I love seeing old homes and slices of history. Then Brian took me to Target to pick out a nice shirt for church, which was much needed and appreciated. 

Wednesday was Maybrie's first day of Kindergarten! It was a good thing Brian had the day off of school, because my anxiety over Maybrie made me pretty useless all day! Haha Honestly, I did not expect to have such a hard time letting her go. The night before she came out of bed several times and then was up from about 1-3am because she was scared and nervous for school. I worry the most because of how shy she is. I took her to school on her first day and walked her into her classroom. She looked adorable and flashed me a brave smile as I left her. The bus was really late coming home... she got home 55 minutes after school let out, so I was going crazy watching and waiting for her. It turns out I should not have worried... she LOVES it! I knew she would, just had some overprotective mommy brain take over at the last minute! It's a big change to go from having her with me all the time to her being gone from 8:30am-4pm everyday. Our house is much quieter. Thomas asks about her a lot, and he has to wear his backpack and go to the bus stop with her in the morning. Maybrie had no problem getting on the bus the second day and is really excited to tell us all about school. She has been so exhausted... asleep by 7pm several nights now. It will be an adjustment for all of us, but it sure is an exciting new chapter for Maybrie!

We attempted potty training with Thomas Wed-Fri, but we are putting it back on the shelf for a week or so. Poor boy still can't recognize his body's signals, and since his one successful pee on the potty included peeing across the potty and floor to hit Ezra in the stomach... well, we think he's not quite ready even though we want him to be! Ezra continues to scoot faster and faster. He loves to work his way into the kitchen now and under the exersaucer. He also has started the cutest scrunched nose smile... I love it! 

On Friday night we got to go to the Olive Garden with the Daetwyler's. Always good food and good company. Maybrie was still waiting up for us when we got home... she was too excited to tell us all about her day at school since she forgot to before we left! :) Then Brian and I watched Dan in Real Life, one of our favorites.

Saturday was my birthday! I am now 29 years old! Kind of crazy! Brian let me sleep in till 10! Best birthday present EVER!!! Haha I woke to the kids marching in singing and dancing a birthday song they made up and a french toast breakfast with my favorite Kirkland cinnamon struessel bread. I got to enjoy a lazy day playing with the kids at the park, a grocery store run with Thomas wearing his super hero cape, a hair tutorial by Alisa (I finally successfully did my own hair with my curling wand today for church! Yay!), an adorable video/slide show from Brian and the kids, and cake and ice cream. Brian and the kids baked the cake together and Maybrie very excitedly decorated it with her Lalaloopsies. They lasted about an hour till she pulled them off to lick the pink frosting off them! Haha I received many kind birthday wishes and gifts. Birthdays are always such a great reminder of how many wonderful people you know. I feel very special and blessed! Oh, and I almost forgot my birthday gift to myself... I went to the gym 5 days this week!