Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer is here!

The weather has been so nice lately (well, except for a few days of rain here and there... but that's fine because we need it). Maybrie is loving her new backyard and we have been to the park several times where she loves to feed the ducks, slide, and swing. Over the last month or so she has become obsessed with bubbles. I think it started in nursery. Anyway, she has been begging me to play with bubbles since we've moved, and I keep forgetting to buy them. FINALLY, thanks to a sale at Rite Aid on summer toys, and Maybrie's early morning reminder, we bought some today! I decided to buy all of the summer toys I wanted at once to make the deal sweeter. We bought bubbles, a mini bubble machine, a little blow up pool, and floaties ( to use in grandma's big pool). Maybrie was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! She wanted to play the second we walked in the door. We headed straight for the backyard and had a lot of fun!

Maybrie figuring out how to use the mini bubble blower. It is awesome, best 5 bucks I ever spent! It is so easy to use and blows a TON of bubbles! She will be entertained for hours and hours this summer. Yay!

Loving the bubbles!

Maybrie insisted on swimming too. Here she is for the first "swim" of the summer... more like the first feet splashing, really! I don't blame her, it isn't that hot yet.

I took so many pictures, but I couldn't really get her to hold still, she was too busy playing.

Bubbles+Pool= FUN!

She enjoyed making her ducks and whales swim.
Yay for warm weather!

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  1. What a cutie! Looks like you guys are enjoying your new home! How's the pregnancy going? It's getting close huh?!