Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer is here!

The weather has been so nice lately (well, except for a few days of rain here and there... but that's fine because we need it). Maybrie is loving her new backyard and we have been to the park several times where she loves to feed the ducks, slide, and swing. Over the last month or so she has become obsessed with bubbles. I think it started in nursery. Anyway, she has been begging me to play with bubbles since we've moved, and I keep forgetting to buy them. FINALLY, thanks to a sale at Rite Aid on summer toys, and Maybrie's early morning reminder, we bought some today! I decided to buy all of the summer toys I wanted at once to make the deal sweeter. We bought bubbles, a mini bubble machine, a little blow up pool, and floaties ( to use in grandma's big pool). Maybrie was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! She wanted to play the second we walked in the door. We headed straight for the backyard and had a lot of fun!

Maybrie figuring out how to use the mini bubble blower. It is awesome, best 5 bucks I ever spent! It is so easy to use and blows a TON of bubbles! She will be entertained for hours and hours this summer. Yay!

Loving the bubbles!

Maybrie insisted on swimming too. Here she is for the first "swim" of the summer... more like the first feet splashing, really! I don't blame her, it isn't that hot yet.

I took so many pictures, but I couldn't really get her to hold still, she was too busy playing.

Bubbles+Pool= FUN!

She enjoyed making her ducks and whales swim.
Yay for warm weather!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our New Home

On Tuesday we moved into our new place in Yakima, WA. It is a house that has been converted into a Duplex. We live in the back side, which is great because we get the fenced yard in the back. Maybrie was thrilled from the minute we walked in.
Here she is helping me clean the cupboards:
Taking a ride on the plasma car with daddy out back. She tried to get me to ride it with her a few times and has been quite upset that I can't because there is no room for her with my big belly!
I found a little table and chairs super cheap on Craig's list, and Maybrie was SO excited! She has eaten lunch outside everyday this week!
We have found many toys and books that Maybrie hasn't seen in a year... it has been funny to see her discover them, it's like Christmas all over again! She cracked us up when she emerged from her room like this!
While I was unpacking the other day I thought I heard snoring. I looked around and found Maybrie like this in the entry way!
This is the lovely Mother's Day surprise Brian left in our apartment for me to find on move-in day! It is so nice, exactly my style, and it has an extra leaf, so it will last us a long time! I thought the flowers were a cute touch! :)
And now for the grand tour...

Our kitchen/dining area (you can see the sliding door to the backyard as well)
Another view of the kitchen
Our big backyard (Maybrie was playing and wanted to pose, of course!)
Our living room (view from the right of our entry)
Our bathroom (the only downside is that you have to go through our room to get there, but there is a lot of storage space that I have been loving!)
Master bedroom
View of living room from master bedroom hallway
Living/ Kitchen
Living (that is the door to the Master bedroom/ bathroom)
Our fireplace (Brian and I found this awesome mirror at TJ Maxx that works perfectly. I think it is our new favorite thing!)
Laundry room (I love that it is separate and has storage space!)
Laundry room (Yay for storage!)
Maybrie's room (view from entry)
It is big and long, which will give her a great space to play!
We are so grateful for all of the help we had moving. Brian's work provided a truck/ trailer, our new ward showed up with five men to help move in, and Brian's parents and sisters helped a TON! Also, our new neighbors on the front side of the duplex are LDS and have two kids ages 4 & 2. They had us over for dinner the first night. They are super cool and we have instant friends. The only downside is that they are moving in 6 weeks. Hopefully we'll get cool neighbors again. Anyway, we are very pleased with our new place. I have done more this week than I have in the last month! It is a good distraction from the pains of pregnancy for me. Only 8 weeks to go! I am excited to get everything set up for our new baby Thomas!