Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Look alike?

I have been meaning to post pictures of me and Brian as babies in comparison to Thomas for some time now, and keep forgetting. I just came across Brian's baby picture I snapped with my iPhone the last time we were down at his parents house, and realized I never did it. Like most children, we hear the "He looks just like you!" comment about Thomas... some in reference to me and some in reference to Brian. Lately, most people think he looks just like Brian. Now, here are some pictures for you to compare yourselves. What do you think? 
Do they look alike?
Brian                    Summer

Personally, I can see both of us in him sometimes, but most of the time I just think he looks like his own little person. He definitely looks like he belongs to us though. And I'm more than okay with that because I couldn't be happier to have his cute little face around! :)

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