Sunday, June 10, 2012

What happened in the month of May

I was just looking through my pictures and realized that I missed a bunch of little tidbits last month, probably because I have been feeling too stressed about organizing my house for our move this summer or too tired and lazy because Thomas has decided to be an early riser, awake by 6am... something I am not adjusting well too. Or it could also be that I went on a reading spree and plowed through several books, choosing reading instead of blogging. Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter. Here is a quick recap of what happened in the month of May at our house:
 Thomas likes to play with Maybrie's toys... or eat them! Here he is with Snow White's head in his mouth.

Maybrie has been wanting me to do her hair and likes to pick out different numbers and colors of elastics. She also finally figured out how to do her wooden 12 piece puzzles all by herself! And you better believe she did them over and over and over again for days!

She wanted pig tails on this day... but picked 6 hair things.

Front view of cute Maybrie's hair

I got on pinterest and decided to finally try out some new recipes I found. Of course I started with desert! This is cream puff cake... yum! We enjoyed it. Thanks Amy Muhia!

We have been doing babysitting swaps for date nights with two families in our ward. Here are all of the kiddies enjoying popsicles in our backyard.

I love that Maybrie has friends she gets along with, it makes me happy to see them having so much fun together. (I like Thomas at the door, longing to be with the big kids in this picture!:))

Maybrie playing dress up at Grandma's house. I love that she is wearing a hat, gloves, and scarf on a hot sunny day.

Here is a yummy Ranch chicken recipe I tried out.

I paired the chicken with these potato wedges, it was a good meal. I love it when I try new recipes and they are easy and tasty.

Maybrie scraped her knee on the track at the park while running with me. It was the end of the world... an owie seriously puts Maybrie out for an entire day or two. She just lays on the couch and has to keep a blanket covering her scrape at all times. Talk about drama!

We got to go see Lori's karate tournament in Tri-cities with grandma and grandpa Naylor. Lori did awesome too, here she is wearing her first place medal!

Thomas enjoying the swing at grandma's house on Mother's day.

My friend Amy and I hosted a season finale party for the ABC show "Revenge". Here is the cool Infinity box she made as a prize for the trivia game.

Here is our glamorous spread! And the finale was shocking and awesome, of course!

Maybrie found a new "prince" in Thomas to dance with!

The kids being silly, playing with daddy.

Maybrie learned how to actually shoot a decent picture with the camera. Here is one of my favorite she took of me, Brian and Thomas. She has taken many, and is so funny posing us... it makes her sound so grown up!

That's a wrap for the month of May.

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