Sunday, May 19, 2013

April Highlights

Ok, I have definitely been neglecting the blog lately. What can I say? Work takes most of my energy and then I give the rest to spending time with my family... there is rarely any left for documenting our adventures. So, here goes a massive picture dump, recapping the rest of last month before I have too much piled up for this month! Enjoy!
Bedtime serenade by my children. I didn't want them on the table, but they looked so cute singing up there, that of course I snapped some pictures and let them sing a few songs before I pulled them down. 
Chillin' on the grass with Liam on a nice spring afternoon. We said goodbye to the Gillespie Family this week as they moved to Washington... they are such good friends and will be greatly missed! :(
Brian got domestic and made this fabulous strawberry pie... most of which he ate himself since I am allergic to the fresh strawberries. :(
Playing in a laundry basket and coming up with a new pose

We finally made in down to the Lousiville, KY temple... kind of embarrassed to admit it was our first time since moving here. We swapped babysitting in the church right next to it with the Hirschi's. It was great to be in the temple again. Then that afternoon we went downtown and met a bunch of our friends for the "Thunder Over Lousiville" firework show to kick off the Kentucky Derby. We had fun visiting, walking around, and Thomas couldn't get enough of throwing rocks in the river. It was beautiful weather. They had a cool air show before the firework show... that was Thomas's favorite part. I think he was a little tired by the time the fireworks started. Maybrie on the other hand was totally mesmerized by the fireworks, and they really were the most incredible fireworks I've ever seen. It was awesome!

Thomas looked so cute rocking his shades!

Late night... they slept the whole way home, what sweet sleeping beauties.

My awesome friend Maddie scored four free tickets to the Taylor Swift concert and did a drawing to pick which friends got to go. And... I was chosen! Brian thought he earned it for me since he personally made hundreds of phone calls to the radio station trying to help Maddie win tickets (He carpools with Michael and Maddie to school everyday). I have not been to many concerts in my life, and Taylor Swift is one I have always wanted to go to. I think she is so talented. It was the coolest girl's night out and seriously such an amazing concert! I had so much fun! Definitely a night to remember, and the best part is that it was FREE!!!
Me and Ashley
Some cute girls in line next to us made this adorable poster.
Becca, Breanna, Ashley, and me... the four lucky winners!
Waiting to get in
Maddie showing off her shoulder that was touched by Mama Swift during their backstage tour!

Love the RED, very cool sets, really was quite the production
Michael representing the men among MANY ladies
Maddie was literally on the edge of her seat!

Taylor moving through the crowd on the shoulders of her dancers to the small platform... we were just ten rows away, so close!
Taylor gets up close and personal

Taylor Swift totally rocked my socks off! I felt like a teenager again and wished I could've taken all of my cute neices... someday I would love to take Maybrie to something like this.

We got to babysit Liam and baby Damon Gillespie. Thomas loves babies, and he was so excited to have Damon over!

This was Thomas's favorite toy for a week... a splatter screen, silly boy! Love the pig nose pushed up against it. :)
Seriously can't get enough of my adorable children! They are simply too darn cute!
Phew! April's down... it was a fun, busy month, as usual. Only 8 days left of school, so maybe I will make a more regular blog comeback soon.


  1. So fun. I love concerts. Kids are looking so cute.

  2. The kids are looking so cute. It looks like you have had such a fun month! The kids are adorable. I can hardly wait to see them and all of you on the 8th!