Sunday, September 22, 2013

You Gotta Regatta

This week we finally got better... Brian and I have been battling a nasty cough/cold, me for two weeks and Brian for one. I was especially miserable, coughing hard when you're pregnant kills your stomach, and in my case led to throwing up and peeing my pants... just plain disgusting! So, while the cough still lingers a little, it has been nice to actually be able to get up and do something this week. I am still trying to get caught up on the house cleaning, but that's to be expected. 

Fall weather is officially here, and I love it! It has finally cooled down enough that you can go outside without worrying of heat stroke. The kids enjoyed playing in the backyard and having lunch outside after being cooped up inside with sick mommy for so long. We all put on sweatshirts to go on a walk tonight, and it felt so nice. It's great to turn off the AC and open windows again. And the best part is not waking up sweating every night. I was actually cold when I woke up this morning... a pregnant woman's dream! 

The highlight of our week was definitely the IUPUI Regatta yesterday. The students create teams and race canoes down the canal. Brian and some of his fellow 1st and 2nd year dental classmates created a team called "The FluoRiders." Like the clever dental name? The Regatta has been going for 5 years now, and is a really fun event. The dental school has been dominating every year since it started. Two of our friends/neighbors Matt Wilson and Brad Hobson won first with their team. Brian and his team took 8th, barely missing the finals- the top 6 get to race again. They have two row at a time, one set rowing down, then exchanging with the other set to row back. Brian did the final stretch. They totally won their heat, which was fun for the kids to see "daddy win" so clearly! It's an all day event with live music and booths set up by different departments. They give away a ton of free stuff- popcorn, snow cones, stickers, candy, etc. It was like trick-or-treating! Maybrie especially loved collecting stuff in her free bag from the dental school, so much so that she had to collect Thomas's too! Of course he didn't know the difference so it worked out well. The kids loved being outside, running around, eating treats, playing with friends and watching the races. When we cheering Brian on at the end of their race Thomas kept shouting, "Daddy in the boat!" over and over. It was really cute! We had lots of fun!

Me, Maddie, and Alanna- love these girls!
The FluoRiders- Daxton, Garret, Brian, Derek, Michael, Phil

The 4 racers (Daxton and Phil were alternates, so they didn't row)

Maybrie has been lining up her goodies to play store... thanks to the dental school we will never be buying toothbrushes again!
Thomas thinks it's funny to drink two at a time!

They can be such rascals... but then they have sweet moments like these that make all the craziness worth it! They're getting to be good buddies.

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  1. What a fun day! Good job Brian. I love the back shot of maybrie and Thomas sitting down eating at the regatta. Oh and I think I will forget bringing my toothbrush and toothpaste when I come out. ;) gotta pack light ya know!