Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I should have posted this before we left to Texas for spring break, but it just didn't happen. So here is a quick run through the first two weeks of March.

As part of the relief society activities committee I planned our quarterly activity, the relief society birthday dinner. The theme was "Your happily ever after" to remind the women of their divine nature as daughters of God. We went super girly with pink and purple princess decor. It was really cute, too bad there wasn't a little girls' birthday to reuse the decor on. Jill Schroering gave a wonderful talk and Andrea Kenney gave a little cupcake decorating tutorial. It is always nice to visit with the great sisters in our ward!
The kids had fun playing and dressing up while we decorated.

Thomas loves Ezra. Here he is sharing his blanket and getting toys for him.
Ezra is getting close to rolling over from his back to his tummy! The little stinker keeps rolling onto his side like this!
Maybrie learned about shapes for the letter S at preschool. She insisted on wearing her owl dress and wings... the boys thought her costume was pretty! haha
The sun came out and melted all of the snow piles finally. The kids (especially Thomas) didn't even notice that it was still cold outside... they were just so excited to see the sidewalk and play outdoors!

Thomas loves being outside and whenever he tries to escape and go out I tell him he has to get shoes. He usually grabs a pair of mine or Brian's! Crazy kid!
Brian and I enjoyed a nice dinner date at El Arado Mexican Grill in Fountain Square. I'm always so relieved to have a night off from cooking and the bedtime routine, especially after one of Brian's intense study weeks.
We tried the Kirkland Signature cinnamon struessel bread from Costco for french toast. It was SOOO yummy! I always want a fast and easy dinner after a Costco trip. This may be my new tradition.
No nap means zonking out on the couch with a movie before 7pm for Thomas. He always looks so cute trying to hold his head up and keep his eyes open!
I enjoyed our pre-ordered copy of Catching Fire by myself while Brian studied (boring... sorry babe!). I love this series, and always love watching the making of documentaries. So impressive.
It warmed up to the 50's so we planned a zoo day. The blasted wind made it colder than we wanted, but the kids didn't mind. They were thrilled to run around outside and see the plains animals that were put away in the barns for the winter.

The kids are not used to walking that much, a result of being cooped up inside all winter. Thus, they both fell asleep on the way home!
Maybrie and Claire are such divas! I love this picture we snapped of the two of them pouting because they were too tired to walk anymore! haha
Ezra met the sun! One day reached 70 degrees. It was so nice we played at the park for hours. I didn't want to come in knowing that it was supposed to snow again the next day!

Ezra is reminding me more and more of Maybrie. When I took this picture of Ezra I had deja vu of a similar picture I took of Maybrie. Now that they are side by side I see they look more different than I thought. Ezra just has his own look to me. 
Maybrie                                                         Ezra
Thomas really wants Ezra to start playing with him!
Smiling at Maybrie in his first pair of jeans.

Twins! haha Buddies Ezra and Harrison with Holly.
St. Patrick's Day playgroup party at Pulham's. 
Ezra looking cute in his sock monkey hat (thanks Aunt Jessie!).

Maybrie's first haircut from someone other than me! Thank you so much Holly Kirkwood! I really can't do long hair!

My babies

I feel so lucky to be mother to these three cuties! I am seriously so blessed to have such beautiful, fun, healthy children.

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