Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Great Catch-up: March to May

Like most things in life, the longer you procrastinate something... the harder it is to do get around to doing it. This is very true for my blog! After spring break in March I felt overwhelmed from everything I wanted to post, plus feeling exhausted from a week long trip, so I let updating the blog sit on my to do list for a week. By the time I blogged about spring break, I had another week of events stacked up. Now it has been two months of pushing bog updates to the bottom of my list! It's the reality that life with three kids is BUSY!

I find myself running from one task to the next, and let's face it: feeding my kids, washing dishes, folding laundry, etc. etc. always seem more pressing. Basically I'm too busy LIVING my life to DOCUMENT my life! Haha And that's ok with me. Sporadic and scatter-brained blog posts are fitting for this stage of life right now. I have three little ones, plus a husband, who all seem to need me a lot right now. And by the time I get a minute at the end of the day to get something extra checked off my list... I'm usually too tired to do anything but watch some TV, check instagram/facebook or go to bed.

When I uploaded all of my pictures onto the computer I decided to make a quick list of the highlights I wanted to write about. Well, that list is really long. So, I'm just going to leave it a list and call it good! One thing I do want to mention that has been a huge help to me lately is the website I swear it is changing my life! It is shaping my outlook and attitude about motherhood for the better. I have been reading their two books, participated in their online mom conference, and have been implementing their free "master the whirlwind" e-book. They are all fabulous! If you are a mom... go check it out! You won't be sorry!

Highlights (in chronological order)
I made a new spring yarn wreath with my first felt flowers
Gymnastics Unlimited
Paintball- me and Brian with Daetwyler's and Tobler's
Zoo playgroup
Warm weather
Thomas's energy level and volume spiking
Ezra playing with toys/ makeshift mobiles

Ezra rolled over
General Conference
New recipes- beef w/ broccoli
Organizing/ spring cleaning projects- kid's bedroom toys, spice cupboard, windows/curtains
Baby play gym for Ezra from Alisa
Brian assisting with Boards
Thunder over Louisville
Ezra in the jumper
Playdate with Claire- trampoline and princesses
Date night- Mama Irma's and walking White River State Park
Throwing neighborhood Easter egg hunt
Ezra turning 5 months old
Thomas/Brian's first father/son camp out
Maybrie and mommy girl's night
4th year goodbye party at Orange Leaf (Summer)
Neighborhood walks and playing on playgrounds
Ezra trying rice cereal- loves it
Preschool field trip to zoo/ picnic in White River Gardens

Color Vibe 5k
Ward BBQ- Brian winning pie eating contest
Ezra outgrowing swing
Brian's fancy ribs
Summer campaigning for Decatur schools- referendum passing
Ezra getting exersaucer
Relief Society "Survivor" activity
Backyard makeover- ripping out old grass and laying new sod
Maybrie's bedwetting- "Busy little girl syndrome"
Brian made me a gold ring at school
Mother's Day- Brian made yummy Cafe Rio dinner we shared with Daetwyler's
Crazy hailstorm
Library storytime- cool dinosaur toys
Gender reveal dinner party at Thayn's- It's a girl!
Kids Bowl Free program sign up- family outing bowling
Brian released as YM 1st counselor and called at Elder's quorum 1st counselor
Brian took Maybrie and Thomas to the zoo
Ezra tried sweet potatoes- eating baby food like a champ



Here are all of the funny things I jotted down that Maybrie and Thomas said:

Tender moments:
I just asked Maybrie if she'd like to play sports and she said, "Well I'm not very used to them. I like beauty stuff like my nails! When I saw them outside in the sun they sparkled and looked so beautiful!"

Maybrie- daddy you hurt me thirteen hundred!
You broke my heart.

About Idina menzel: she's so beautiful! I could watch this forever and ever! I wish I could sing like her!

I think Jesus is huge. Me: why? M: cause I just keep thinking about that a lot lately.

You're huge daddy. Our house is huger. It's 2 miles tall.

At beach going out in waves holding hands. "This is so fun! We have our whole family together. I wish Ezra was here."

Maybrie singing imagine dragons, Adele, and say something in the car.

Navigating in the car holding my phone with google maps telling is when to turn.

Conference- "mom! There are three people we have to be good for! President Monson, Santa, and Jesus!"

When feeding Ezra rice cereal for the first time, "I'm just laughing because I'm so proud of him!"

After Brian won the pie eating contest at the ward picnic. " I watched you but sometimes I had to look away cause it was so gross!"

She got in trouble for not wearing her seat belt on the way home from church and responding to Brian's stern tone, "I don't like when you do that daddy! I can't feel the spirit!"

Me: Ezra's hungry. Thomas lifts his shirt up and says, "I feed Evra too!"
The baby one!
This is so fun!
I feed baby the dinosaur milk. He pretended his plastic dinosaur was a bottle and fed it to baby Snow White!
He loves to give Ezra toys.
He loves to wear mine and Brian's shoes. When I ask him to get shoes to go outside he usually puts on a pair of daddy's.
I love him! I love him Ezra!
I did it!
I want to go fishing!
I do it all by myself!
I no like it.
I have a good idea!

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