Sunday, October 12, 2014

Children's book baby shower

This week Ezra has been making all kinds of new discoveries... he's pulling himself up to everything, books off the bookshelf, cups out of the bottom drawer in the kitchen, garbage cans, cords, etc. He is everywhere, busy busy! It's been a pretty typical week... Maybrie fighting me about getting dressed and doing her hair each morning, play dates, bad days, grocery shopping, I went back to the gym, I got new black boots. Brian and I got to go to the premiere of Meet the Mormons with friends on Friday night. It was so good, inspiring, and uplifting. 

On Saturday I got to help throw a children's book baby shower for our good friend Maddie Daetwyler. We moved to Indy at the same time and have been anticipating the arrival of their first baby. Becca and I headed up the planning, but there were so many friends who helped (Jessica, Alisa, Gabby, Alanna, Dawn, Rachel). Ami Bunker was so kind to host it at her house which had the perfect layout. I seriously had never had so much fun throwing a shower before... probably because I love the theme and the guest of honor so much! We had a blast!

Today was one of those funny adventures in motherhood. Ezra and Thomas were dressed in matching blue button-ups for church... they looked so cute we actually snapped pictures. But during church Ezra spit up all over his shirt and was left in a plain white onesie that also got pretty grossly covered in spit up. Thomas had a blow out diaper during nursery that went up the back of his shirt. Luckily daddy was wearing a vest... so that's what Thomas got to where the last half hour of church! It was a wild church day... but we managed to relax at home with some yummy pumpkin pancakes for dinner and Disney's Hercules. It was a wonderful weekend... now here's hoping we can make this first completely rainy week of Maybrie's fall break from school a good one! 




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