Wednesday, February 23, 2011


One of the things I have been so excited about lately is Maybrie's finally growing hair. She actually has enough for me to do more than one style. Plus, she is super girly and actually WANTS me to do her hair now. She brings me her hair stuff and asks for me to do it. And she likes to do my hair and her dolls hair now too... it's pretty funny! Here is the most intricate "do" I have done so far. She actually sits still if she has a movie or book in front of her.
The big change around here is that Lisa and Jaime and their 4 kids moved into their new home in Pasco this past weekend. Brian's sister Emily came to visit for President's day weekend as well, and this is the last lunch Maybrie spent with her cousins before they moved. We have a lot more space and it is quite a bit quieter with only Maybrie running around now. She is missing her playmates though, she asks for them and calls them on the phone now when she wants to talk to them. It is pretty cute how much she loves them. We love and miss you Lisa, Jaime, Lindsey, Olivia, Aidan, and Tyler!
Maybrie, Emma, Olivia, William, Aidan, Jacob, and Lindsey


  1. Very cute!!Don't know if your interested but I posted a website on my blog of a bunch of different hairstyles to try! The lady even shows you how to do them. It's awesome!!

  2. I love how she'll sit for you! Cami makes a fuss if she sees me getting out the hairbrush, haha. She is such a cutie :)