Sunday, February 6, 2011

Utah Trip

Brian, Maybrie and I took a road trip to Utah at the end of January to visit my family in Orem and some friends in Provo. Brian managed to take two days of work off, giving us 4 whole days to enjoy in Utah. Being pregnant, I was not looking forward to the driving part of the trip, though I could not wait to see my family. Thankfully, Maybrie got excited about the new adventure and was shockingly wonderful on the way down. She played happily with her baby doll, colored, and the greatest new traveling trick was our portable DVD player... who knew Princess movies could be such a pleasant sound?! We had a great week jam-packed with visiting family and friends. Brian managed to squeeze in a much anticipated ski trip with my older sister Jalene (it's his new favorite hobby he discovered last year) while I took Maybrie and a few of her cousins to see Tangled at the movie theater. The best part was hanging out with my family, though our visit to Burgers Supreme takes a close second! J/K :)
Brian skiing at Alta. They had a professional photographer take action shots and post them on the internet... he was pretty excited about it.

My adorable nephew Howard... can you even stand it?!

Little peanut rolls Eliza... I could kiss her chubba all day!

Maybrie and Howie are just 6 months apart.

The bubs, Afton and Maeryn, my sister Ashley, Anna, and Maybrie waiting to watch Tangled.

Anna and Maybrie were two peas in a pod at the theater sharing their fruit punch and dancing and laughing at the music and previews... too cute!

Maybrie warmed right up to grandma and grandpa and the family while we were there, which was much better than her shy phase during our last visit over the summer. Thanks for a great week! We love and miss all of you living in Utah!

P.S. Sorry there are only a few pictures. Even though I had a great time, I was really lazy and took the "enjoy" rather than "capture" the moment attitude while we were there!

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