Sunday, August 21, 2011

Playtime with Thomas

So, today when I got out of the shower I found Maybrie busy entertaining Thomas. She got him Barbies to play with! :) I overheard her saying, "These are your friends. Be nice to your friends!" She repeated it with force. Can you tell we've had that conversation with her lately?!
Then when Thomas got a little restless and upset with the dolls stuffed in around him, Maybrie ran to get him a "baby" toy! She insisted I help him hold it. He seemed a little more content with that toy suggestion.
As I got dressed I watched Maybrie run back and forth between her bedroom and the bathroom with more toys. When I went back into the bathroom to check on Thomas I found him like this! Maybrie is already playing dress up with him! I totally cracked up with the whole play session. Now that Thomas is more alert, Maybrie is ready to play!
Poor Thomas doesn't stand a chance! :)


  1. Maybrie will have to watch out! Someday she'll find one of those barbies with its hair chopped off. :)

  2. Hahaha, Maybrie is so funny :). Even though Thomas didn't like his bunny ears, when he gets older, he'll come to realize he will LOVE playing with his big sis ;)