Thursday, September 8, 2011

Overdue update on Maybrie

So I have been meaning to write an update on Maybrie for months now, but have been a little preoccupied since Thomas' arrival. She is learning and growing so much, and I really need to jot down some of the fun things she is doing right now before I forget.
At 2 1/2 years old, Maybrie definitely has a lot of personality. She is a little smarty pants. When first meeting someone Maybrie may seem a little shy, but don't be deceived, she will soon talk your ear off! Maybrie loves to talk and has a pretty large vocabulary. She can be found with a phone in her hand often, and whenever Brian or I are on the phone she almost always says she wants to talk, no matter who it is! After she has spent time with someone, they are usually the favorite person to pretend call over and over for the rest of the week. She is getting good at saying prayers now, which is really cute. She loves to sing. She can sing all or most of the nursery songs (I am a Child of God, Popcorn Popping, Once there was a snowman, etc.). I also find her trying really hard to sing her ABC's and sing along with Disney movies. Lately she has even been making up her own songs about whatever we are doing... it's pretty funny!
Maybrie is all girl. Here is a list of many of the things she loves right now: purses, bracelets and necklaces, phones, make up (though I don't let her play with it), having her nails painted, baby dolls (especially "Baby Belle"), her mini trampoline, coloring and drawing (especially color wonder markers), stickers, dancing (she can really shake her hips), magnetic letters, puzzles, books, shapes, colors (she is obsessed with pointing out colors and matching!), playing at the playground, going on walks (we got a double stroller off of Craig's list so she can have her own seat), going places (she's always saying she wants to go somewhere... usually to the store or the Dr.- can you tell the few places I take them to?), watching movies (she now knows how to handle DVD's and put them in the Blu-ray player... crazy!), taking pictures with the camera (I gave her our old one that is basically dead to keep her from trying to play with our digital camera), riding her plasma car in the backyard, etc. etc. I'm sure I could come up with more, but that is a good summary for now!
Maybrie can be quite feisty and even bossy. She is very particular in what she wants. She has started picking out her own clothes, which can be interesting. Her hair is totally covering her eyes, but putting clips or pony tails in to keep her hair back is like pulling teeth! Sometimes her particulars carry over to what we do too, like which seat we sit in at meal times and which blanket Thomas uses. She can throw quite a temper tantrum when things don't go her way. She is a total Momma's girl and wants me all the time. This probably has a lot to do with Thomas taking so much of my attention away from her.
Maybrie is a very funny, bright little girl. She can push my buttons sometimes, but most of the time I just can't believe how cute she is. Her little voice is so adorable right now and she just brings a smile to my face. I love you Maybrie baby!


  1. She is true blue through and through all GIRL!! So cute :) I love that pic w/ her on the swing with Tyler.

  2. That last picture takes the cake! Oh my goodness!