Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3 months old

Thomas is 3 months old today! It seems like it has flown by faster than it did with Maybrie, probably because I am keeping with two little kiddies instead of one now! Thomas has been growing out of his fussiness for the most part. He sleeps pretty good stretches at night, often 6+ hours, but he is still sleeping in his car seat. I can't get him to stay asleep laying flat in the bassinet or crib for more than 15 minutes. It's frustrating, but hopefully he will grow out of it and move to the crib soon. He is getting stronger all the time and holds his head up pretty well. He like to sit in the bumbo, in the bouncer, in the corner of the couch, or just lay out on a blanket. It has been nice to sit him down and have him actually be content for short stretches of time while I get other stuff done. The best new thing he finally started doing over a week ago is smiling! He has such a cute smile. Brian, Maybrie and I have been loving his sweet smiles, coos, and occasional laughs. He is starting to show his little personality. Here are some pictures of our 3 month old:
Watching his first BYU football game with daddy.
We're training him young! Go cougars! :)

Getting stronger

And now for his sweet smile... the angle of this picture REALLY enhances his chub!

Happy boy

So loved by his big sister Maybrie

He likes bath time now too.

We love you Thomas!

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  1. Look at those cheeks!! What a cutie :). I remember Alex would only sleep in his carseat too! And I had to pick up the huge thing and rock him until her would finally konk out... exhausting:)... you sure have some cute kids