Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmastime is here!

Last Saturday we had a chance to hit two fun free holiday events in Sunnyside on our way to and from stopping in at Brian's parents house in Grandview. The first was decorating Christmas cookies with Mrs. Claus and Santa at the Darigold Factory. It was packed and we forgot to bring in our camera, so here is Maybrie enjoying her cookies and milk when we reached grandma's house!
She liked her gummy bears... she actually dumped a few extra into her box! But the gumdrops got chewed and spit out... too spicy!

I, of course, got to decorate and enjoy Thomas's cookies for him!

That night we headed to the Lighted Farmers Implement Parade.
We missed it last year, my first year living in the Yakima Valley, because of our ward Christmas party, and I have been anxious to see what all the fuss is about! Now I know what everyone is oohing and aahing over! Great Grandma and Grandpa Noble, Marcia, Elizabeth, and Thomas stayed in the warm car while Brian and I braved the freezing cold with Maybrie. It was well-worth it!
Mommy & Maybrie

I love seeing this huge farming equipment plastered in lights! I would say it is a small town's version of Disney's Electrical Parade!

Maybrie & Daddy

We saw MANY Santa's, which Maybrie was thrilled to point out each one!


Once Maybrie saw another kids on up on their dad's shoulders... it was all over for Brian! Though she did help keep his ears warm for him!

This Coca-Cola truck was our favorite! Lots of the trucks had music playing too, and it is just hard to capture the moving lights and everything with still pictures, but you can get the idea!

Sheer joy! Maybrie was in heaven. The first 15 minutes or so it was hilarious to watch her bob in and out of the legs of adults to get a better look at what was coming next. She talked about the lights all week! It was a great weekend for piling on the cheer!

Though we have put up our Christmas decorations at home, they are a little sparse. I was frustrated that our pathetic front door won't close with a wreath door hanger on it, so I decided I could come up with something lightweight to hold up with a small nail. This is what I came up with... It took entirely too long, pulling me away from household duties and other projects that really do need doing... but I had fun- something I like to call personal craft creative therapy! (Funny thing is after all that work it is TOO flimsy to stay on the front door. The cold will curl it right up! But I did get a dollar store find for the door, so my annoying itch of the week has been scratched! :) Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. What a fun start to Christmas! I love the awesome tractors lit up with Christmas lights! How fun to live in a place like that!