Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Utah Trip

This year we were able to go down to Utah and spend Thanksgiving with my family. Everyone but my brother Chris, in California, and my brother Spencer, who is on his mission in Mexico, were there. Several of my siblings hadn't had a chance to meet Thomas yet either, so it was fun to see everyone. My parents house was FULL for Thanksgiving dinner... 42 people!

Daddy and a tired Maybrie... she didn't nap much during the trip!

Jessica and Grandpa Jack

Tim and Jalene

My mom and Aunt Cami

Helen and Grace


Eliza and Rachel

Jane, Tim, Penelope


Saturday, the 26th was Brian's 26th birthday! While attending BYU he worked on a major landscaping project, which was completed after he left. It made his day to go down and see the finished project... a 1/2 mile pathway along a waterway with several water features. The water was off for the winter, but it was still amazing to see. And of course no trip down to our Alma Mater would be complete without a stop at the BYU Bookstore and lunch at our favorite Burgers Supreme! We have so many fond memories of our time at BYU.

Me and Maybrie

Me and Brian

That night we had pizza and birthday cake over at my sister Hillary's house.

Jalene, Justin, Jessica, Jane

Penelope, Tim, Brian, Garrek, Helen, Eliza

Happy Birthday Brian and Helen (her birthday was on Thanksgiving day)!

Garrek and Thomas

Ashley and Afton

Can you stand this face?! Oh, I love you Thomas!

Heather and Grace

Anna, Tim, Jane

Mom and Dad

After the party we went down to the Shops at the Riverwoods to ride the carousel at Provo Beach Resort, visit Santa, and see the Gingerbread house display and lights. We even packed Hot Chocolate to enjoy! It was a great way to welcome the Christmas season!

Justin, Ren, Naomi

Maybrie was so excited to ride a "horsey" until we got on and she freaked out and chose to sit on the bench with mommy. I couldn't believe it! Oh, well. She still had fun.

Thomas was so smiley all bundled up in his stroller. I think he loved all of the attention he got from the family!

Santa's house

Everyone waiting in line to meet Santa

Maybrie and daddy

Ashley and Eliza

Cesar, Noelle, Howiw

Anna and Tim

The twins

Maybrie was excited about Santa the whole time, but of course, like a typical two-year-old, chickened out when she got right up to him! So no picture of Maybrie sitting on Santa's lap this year!




Me and Brian

We had a lovely holiday! I was especially grateful this year because the last couple months I have struggled through post-partum depression, and finally started feeling like myself again just before the trip. My appetite returned just in time for the Thanksgiving feast, which I enjoyed thoroughly! This Thanksgiving I really had a chance to reflect on my many blessings, which seem abundant to me right now after feeling like I was living under a cloud for a little while. I am so grateful for modern medicine and a good doctor. I am grateful for kind ward members who helped me when I needed it most, and for the good friends that have been made as a result. I am truly grateful for a loving and supportive family and the chance to be around those who understand me best. Mostly I am grateful for my Savior and the comforter, without which I could not endure any trial, no matter the size. I love the holidays and the opportunity they bring to reflect on what truly matters most.

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