Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Mobile Man

Thomas is officially on the move! And now that he can move a whole new world of curiosity has opened up to him. Like a true boy, he has already found all of the cords, Blu-Ray player, garbage cans, etc. that I don't want him getting into! But at the same time it is so fun to watch him discover and the look of excitement and satisfaction on his face when he gets something is so darn cute, I can't stand it!
Pulling himself up to the Blu-Ray player
Maybrie intercepted his path into the kitchen and starting tickling him, which he doesn't seem to mind!
This is his favorite spot to crawl... right into the kitchen. He likes the linoleum and banging on the side of the garbage can.
Crawling on mommy, with Maybrie close behind
Here is a little video of him in action. Every time I tried to catch a clip, Maybrie would interfere. I think I need to try it again when she is not in the room to distract him from me and the camera, but you can still get the idea in this clip. Enjoy!

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