Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer Rewind... July Part 2

Naylor Reunion
On Friday, July 20th we drove up to Sandpoint, ID for a reunion with Brian's immediate family (though Emily and her family and Darin weren't able to attend and were missed). We left after Brian got off work at about 6pm, so we put the kids in their pajamas and they slept most of the drive.
Maybrie was out quick...
while Thomas was content to check out the scenery! :)
Thomas and Tyler were too cute in their Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas. I think all of the little boy cousins think Thomas's name is funny because it's the same as their favorite train!

On Saturday we rented a boat and a jet ski to enjoy on the beautiful Lake Pend Oreille.
The kids (Maybrie, Olivia, Lindsey, Aidan, and Tyler) ready for their first ride on the boat
Brian was the first out on the wake board, and since the water was so cold, he got all suited up! :)
Aidan, Maybrie, and Tyler enjoyed playing on the beach, especially playing fetch with somebody's dog

On Sunday we went to church and just hung out back at the house. We celebrated Jon's birthday that night since it was the next day.
Maybrie, Aidan, and Olivia digging into chocolate birthday cake... yum! 
Maybrie got her fingernails painted by Aunt Lisa

On Monday we went to SILVERWOOD theme park. We were worried about rain, but the weather actually ended up being perfect. We all had a lot of fun!
I made this picture bigger so you can see their expressions of sheer joy and excitement! It took a little coaxing to get Maybrie on at first, but after one, she was ready to run to every ride!
Olivia and Maybrie were riding buddies for most of the morning. So cute seeing Liv take Maybrie, her younger cousin, under her wing:)
Brian and Thomas (I was so thrilled Thomas kept his hat on all day, he usually hates it!)
This little guy only got to ride the carousel, but thankfully he thought watching the older kids ride was just as fun!
Maybrie and Olivia
We met Garfield! I have always been a big fan, and Maybrie recognized him from the holiday movie set we own.
All Aboard! After we ate the lunch we packed out in the parking lot we all went on the train together.
Thomas loved it!
Me and my baby
Thomas conked out around afternoon nap time (the angle of this picture just accentuates his chub!)
We rode the carousel about 5 times! The kids loved it!
We had a great day! There were good kiddie rides for Maybrie and Brian and I got to ride a few big ones too. The new one "Aftershock" was really fun, we went on it twice in a row and then Brian went back with Lori two more times!
Maybrie wanted to hold Thomas one morning. I love sweet sibling moments!

It was a fun reunion and we were so glad we were able to visit with both sides of our family before moving so far away. After two years in Utah by my family and two years in WA by Brian's family, it will be sad and different not being with family for holidays and birthdays. We love and miss you all! Thanks for the memories we made this summer.


  1. It was a good reunion. And I agree with you about the modern technology. I'm glad we have it to keep in touch and still actually SEE each other. The kids enjoy it too. It makes it seem like you're not so far away. This holiday season will be weird without you though!

  2. Cute pictures! Weird though... when these pictures were taken, I had no idea there was a summer naylor :).