Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Rewind... July Part1

I am backtracking and posting about what we did this summer besides pack and move to remind myself that we did have fun in the midst of all the chaos! :)

4th of July
We spent Independence day in Pasco, WA with my sister Jessica and her husband's family. We enjoyed a poolside BBQ, sparklers, and saw fireworks all across the Yakima Valley as we drove home that night. 
Maybrie swinging
Daddy and Thomas
Thomas was fascinated by Tony and Amy's dog Storm and loved watching it and crawling after it in the grass.

During the month of July we stayed at Brian's parents condo in Yakima (huge thank you to them for letting us live there for a month during transition!). On one rare morning Thomas cuddled with me on the couch when he woke up and fell back asleep on me... it was a cherished moment that I don't get often enough now that he is getting bigger.
Reynolds' Reunion
We traveled to Utah for a family reunion with my dad's side of the family July 13-18. We drove down with Jessica and Justin and their family because they were taking their minivan and truck to haul their boat. Another big thank you to them for letting us catch a ride and for loading their truck with our stuff to be moved to Indiana by my parents. On the way down Jessica and I drove the van with the three girls and we put the babies, Thomas and Ren, in the truck with Brian and Justin. It was one of the smoothest drives to Utah we've had yet!
Naomi, Daphne, and Maybrie at Burger King for lunch on the way down

On Saturday we went and visited my Grandpa Jack at the assisted living center where they were having a "Hogs and Dawgs" party. We enjoyed a yummy lunch and visit with the bikers! :)

Sunday through Tuesday was the reunion at Yuba Lake, just south of Nephi. We camped, played on the water, ate, visited, and got caught in a massive rain storm! Thomas was totally the life of the party there... my family goes nuts over chubby babies, so he had his fair share of attention! Here are a few shots of the fun...

My niece Helen and Thomas
My niece Penelope and Thomas
Maybrie really was thrilled about camping and her sleeping bag, but she is in a phase where she doesn't want to take pictures and either frowns or turns away when I try to take one of her. That is probably why there are way more pictures of Thomas than Maybrie this summer!
Thomas playing with Uncle Tim
too cute
Thomas on the beach... he loved the rocks (and putting them in his mouth!:))
Me and Brian
Thomas got a kick out of riding with daddy in the kayak
I love that Thomas is wearing this life jacket... my brothers wore it when they were little!
Just exploring
All tuckered out
Even Maybrie napped because we wore her out so much!
My "Happy Camper" Thomas
Jane and Eliza
During the huge thunder storm Monday night all of the grandkids piled into my parents' cabin and played with glow sticks... it was pretty adorable!
Nothing like a sleeping baby...  especially in an adorable swimsuit!
Okay, maybe two sleeping babies is cuter! Thomas and his cousin Ren became good buds on this trip, probably because they had a 10 hour drive in the back of a truck on the way down to bond. We had a great time visiting with family. It is always so fun to see cousins I haven't seen in a while and catch up. It was a fun trip, but as usual it went by too fast and I never seem to be able to get in all of the visiting I want. I am so glad we were able to go spend some time with my family before we moved so far away.

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  1. I'm so glad you had enjoyed your summer. And it's good you were able to see your family before you moved so far away. Miss you guys!