Monday, October 15, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We have been really loving life here in Indy. Our town home is probably our favorite place we've lived since we've been married. We also feel very blessed to have made so many great friends already. There are 17 LDS student families that live in our complex, so there are many neighbors we relate to and can get together with. I have especially been enjoying getting to know the other student wives/moms. There are always a lot of activities going on like outings with kids, going on walks, book club, and girl's nights. I'm actually having to set a curfew for myself cause I usually stay out too late chit-chatting with the ladies while Brian and the other husbands are studying! Brian is enjoying school and doing well so far. The kids are as cute as ever (though my 3 year old has some serious attitude these days and really knows how to push our buttons!) and are constantly amazing me with how quickly they are learning and growing. I think we are definitely feeling settled in now and are beginning to consider 4256 Londonderry Drive "Home Sweet Home." 
Here are some random snapshots:
Thomas likes to try on sunglasses...ow ow!
Looking sweet in their Sunday best
Thomas's first time wearing a tie (Thanks Aunt Jessica), don't mind the goose egg and bruise on his forehead, he face planted off the couch and landed on a wooden block earlier that morning! Ouch! We are seeing more bumps and bruises with Thomas than we did with Maybrie... must be a boy thing!
Thomas's amazingly cute back rolls that are accentuated when he stands and walks :)
Two cute notes: Thomas started saying "cheese" when posing for pictures, it is basically just the "ee" sound, but you can always tell in the pictures by the way his tongue is barely sticking out... I LOVE it! And second, he looks incredibly adorable and grown up in his new jeans... they even look great cuffed on his short legs.
Thomas loves climbing into small spaces... like under the desk with a splatter screen he pulled from a kitchen cupboard...
...and on top of the file box wedged between the desk and bookshelf (Does he look proud of himself for getting up there, or what?!)
And of course Maybrie wanted to do it and take a picture too! (Aside from the pajamas and tacky scenery, I think Maybrie looks beautiful in this picture :))
In the cupboard under Maybrie's bed
They thought crawling in there and giggling together before bed was pretty cool!
Maybrie wanted me to play dress-up with her. When she handed me my outfit that is meant for a toddler I had to get creative (one arm in the furry jacket and one leg in the tutu!)
We turned on some music and had an awesome dance party! Thomas is starting to dance now too and it's pretty darn cute.
Thomas (He's saying cheese again here :))
Brian and Thomas... have I mentioned how much Thomas loves his daddy? And I should add that Brian doesn't mind it one bit... in fact, I think he kind of loves the fact that Thomas will go to him over me when he's around. Brian is one dad who is definitely loving his "mini me." And who wouldn't? Thomas is really a sweet little boy and is totally fun in the way he interacts and plays (without talking back) right now. I am definitely guilty of taking lots of pictures of the baby and not as much of the older sibling right now. I hope Maybrie doesn't notice and resent Thomas for it, thought I know I was jealous of the attention my younger brother got when we were little. Do all mothers take more pictures of the youngest child, or am I the only one? Hopefully both my kids can see how crazy I am about them... I think everyone else probably can by how I just gush with news and pictures of them on this blog! LOL 


  1. So cute! I am glad you guys are settling in so well over there. We miss you guys a lot!

  2. It looks like you guys are having so much fun there! It good to see so many smiling faces :)