Sunday, November 18, 2012

Family Pictures

Two weekends ago, our friend Dawn Jenks, took our family pictures at Pioneer Park in Mooresville Indiana.  Thomas was excited about his new surroundings and was a little squirmy, but Maybrie was a total Ham. We were pleased we got so many good pics out of the shoot.  Thanks again Dawn.  Enjoy!


  1. Sums, you and Brian still look like honeymooners, with a couple stowaway kids! Maybrie is getting so grown up! She really is a big girl now. And little Thomas, with his chub and cute little teeth and puppy dog eyes, just kills me! Can't wait to see him and Sums soon! Love you!

  2. So cute! These are great pictures of all of you!

  3. Your most welcome! I loved photographing your family. It helpe to have a cute little photogenic famliy like yours. Glad you enjoyed them :)