Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween

October was such a fun month, filled with Halloween festivities. The week before Halloween we had two days of beautiful 79 degree weather between the cold days in the 50's. The kids and I took advantage of the warm weather and went to Anderson Orchard with my friend Dawn and her girls Jenna and Leigha. It was our first time going out there and it was a lot of fun. The kids played on the playground for a while and then we enjoyed a picnic lunch by the pumpkin patch. The kids, especially Thomas had so much fun running around looking at the pumpkins. Maybrie was in charge of finding one for our family to carve. We also got to  try a delicious cider slush, Maybrie wouldn't try it, but Thomas and I quite enjoyed it!
Me, Thomas, and Maybrie
Thomas was so busy climbing and rolling pumpkins down the hill that I couldn't get him to look up for a picture... he had so much fun!
Maybrie, on the other hand, was happy to pose for me.

In a bin of gourds... don't know if they were allowed to, but they got a kick out of it :)
Riding in the wagon to load our pumpkin in... my free version of a hay ride!

On Friday before Halloween we went to a Trunk-or-Treat at our church building. Before we left we had our friends Dennis, Kristin, and Liam over for vegetable chowder... a perfect fall dinner before loading up on candy (in my opinion). Because of the rain the activity was moved into the cultural hall. They just had chairs set up all around the perimeter for the adults to sit and pass out candy to the kids. It wasn't as exciting as going car to car outside, but it was much warmer, and the kids didn't know the difference.
Brian was an E-Male and I was his attachment (I have paperclips all over my shirt), Maybrie was a fairy, and Thomas was a spider.
Maybrie and her friend Liam enjoying their candy.
This was Thomas's expression much of the night as he looked at the different costumes.

The next night we carved our pumpkin. I pulled up Jack-o-lantern faces on google images and let Maybrie pick what eyes, nose, and mouth she wanted. We ended up with a happy Jack-o-lantern. Brian cleaned out the insides, I drew and carved the face, Maybrie watched and cheered us on, and Thomas pulled the bag of seeds/pulp off the table and onto the floor!
Maybrie is clapping in this picture... she kept saying over and over, "I'm so excited!"
Maybrie's face explains exactly why we continue these traditions each year.
Me & Maybrie

Brian got camera happy with the kids while I carved the face!
Me carving
Our finished product... one Happy Jack-o-Lantern!

Halloween Night
We had a Jack-o-Lantern pizza from Papa Murphy's for dinner.
We went to Safe Halloween at the fire station. They have tons of local businesses passing out candy, fire trucks to climb in, a bounce house, etc.
On our way to the fire station... Maybrie was excited!
... and Thomas was too!
Maybrie, Thomas and Daddy
My mom sent Maybrie and Thomas these cute spider glow necklaces, they were so excited to wear them. It wasn't dark until we got home, but they enjoyed them anyway, and Maybrie was thrilled that she got to sleep with hers that night.
Ready to get some candy!
What a cute little spider!
Daddy and Thomas in the life flight helicopter
Maybrie was thrilled to see Super Why!
Maybrie loved the bounce house
Always on the go... but we did get him to try on his little fire chief hat!
Brian got extra credit for dressing up in his Sensory Systems class at school, this is the Cyclops costume he came up with... the kids thought it was hilarious!
Chocolate drool... love it!
They got plenty of candy
Maybrie is obsessed with taking pictures now... and I love this one she caught of me and Thomas. (And yes, I did chop my hair two days before Halloween.)
Thomas kept going over to the candy bucket and throwing pieces behind him till he found what he wanted... it was hilarious.
After the kids were in bed, Brian and I watched the old Alfred Hitchcock movie Rebecca with our friends Dennis and Kristin. It was such a fun Halloween! I hope everyone had as much fun as us!