Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's NEW for the New Year...

We have started the new year off with a bang! The first month already brought a load of changes for our family... namely me starting a new full-time job (that I wasn't even looking for or expecting). I am now the librarian at Liberty Early Elementary School. It is an all Kindergarten school building in our district. I have four Kindergarten classes come to library per day and work with three intervention reading groups as well. Maybrie is attending the preschool in my building, so she comes and goes with me. Thomas is going to a small in-home daycare. H absolutely loves Diana and I have been very pleased and impressed with how much he loves her and has easily transitioned. Maybrie was a bit shy the first week, and nearly gave me a heart attack by hiding Monday morning of week 2, but now is well-adjusted and loving it. Her teachers say she doesn't talk much, but that she always has a big smile on her face. I know she loves it because she talks about it all the time and today while she was home sick with an ear infection... she played school all day!

I have been super crazy busy between learning my new job, setting up the library my way, learning names and schedules, and figuring out how to balance all of my usual wife/mother/homemaker duties at the same time. I hit my bed exhausted each day, but happy about how well everything is going. Aside from the lack of nice home-cooked meals, and a little less time relaxing with the family, I can't complain. I am just learning to juggle my responsibilities around by doing laundry/cleaning in the evening and on Saturdays. The house is cleaner, however, since we are gone all day. Brian is being very supportive and has started his semester off strong with an A on his first exam. Keep up the good work honey!
 Our first day of school was a two hour delay, so we picked up donuts on our way and ate a special breakfast together in Maybrie's new classroom.
 Maybrie's naptime tub (She actually sleeps almost every other day there, they must be wearing her out!)
 Maybrie's coat/back pack hooks- She was excited to see her name around the room. :)
 I sneaked a peek at Maybrie playing in her classroom on her first day. So cute!
Welcome to the Library with Mrs. Naylor!
Thomas wanted to put his backpack on too!
He looks so ridiculously cute running around the house with his cars backpack on!
My big preschooler Maybrie. I love walking into school with her everyday!

On Friday night of our first big week, I got to take Maybrie on a little mommy/daughter date to Disney on Ice with some of our friends from our ward. All of the girls wore their princess dresses and absolutely loved it. It was a magical night, and I'm so glad I got to spend the night with my little girl, who doesn't seem so little to me anymore now that she is going to school.
 The Little Mermaid
 Maybrie was so tired and uncooperative taking pictures... here is the one I got of her (blinking of course!).

The last Friday of January Brian and I went to a couple's baby shower to celebrate the Gillespie's newest addition. It was the first couple's shower I've been to, and I have to say it was an absolute blast. Dawn and Catie did a great job planning and decorating. The food was delicious, the games were hilarious, and the company was fabulous as always. We can't wait to meet their new little boy!
 Cute brown/green color scheme
 I made some yummy chocolate cupcakes. If anyone hasn't tried Betty Crocker's Fun-da-Middles cupcake mix yet... DO! They are cream filled deliciousness!
 The guys were teasing Brian about not having facial hair, since they all have beards right now, so this picture was suggested. We all had a good laugh at how much younger it makes Brian look than the rest of them!
Game where we guessed how big around Kristin's belly is. Brian and I both lost big time!

 Disgusting apple juice chugging contest. Seriously nasty watching the guys attack these baby bottles... and man did my cheeks hurt after the ladies' round (which I lost pathetically). 
 Brian, Nate, Dan, Chris, Dennis
 Kristin G., Dawn, Kristin T., Me, Catie

Our last game was my favorite... It is like pictionary telephone with Apples to Apples cards. Basically draw a picture of your card, pass it to the next person, they write what you drew, the next person draws what they wrote, etc. You see if they match at the end. Here is mine that went from Niagra Falls to Texas Sheriff! Fun times with good friends. Life is busy, busy and good right now!


  1. I would LOVE to be a school librarian--seriously, that's my dream job!! What is your degree in?