Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Maybrie

Our Maybrie Rae turned four on Sunday, January 6th! It was a special day for her. We started the day rushing out the door to make it to church on time, at our new time of 9am. Then Maybrie started sunbeams and was sung "Happy Birthday" on her first day in primary. She got a cute pink "I am a Child of God" bracelet and was so excited to tell us all about her new teacher and sing the songs they are learning. 

At home she wanted to change into her Cinderella dress-up immediately, and was ready for me to make her cake! Brian pulled his parents up on Skype so Maybrie opened her present from them... a velvet dress and outfit she loves. She was anxious to open her gift from us, so we decided to go ahead and let her so she could play with it... we gave her a cabbage patch doll. That afternoon I made a yellow cake with pink and purple frosting, just like she requested. She loved putting the sprinkles on and insisted on decorating it with the Snow White figure that was on her cake last year. I had no problem recycling the cake topper!

For dinner we had macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets... a favorite for many preschoolers, I'm sure. Afterwards our friends the Woolf's stopped by with cookies in a cute bag/purse for Maybrie. They joined us for cake since we were just about to light the candles. Maybrie loves them and was thrilled to have them there too. A little while later Maybrie's friend Matthew and his mom stopped by with cookies. Matthew was wearing his awesome Superman pajamas with cape, and he raced into the room singing "Happy Birthday" while I ran around and around! It was hilarious and Maybrie totally blushed. It was a priceless moment. Her birthday was definitely special and she was just plain excited about everything all day! Glad you had a great day my sweet girl!

I love how Maybrie isn't wearing her pants here because she was too excited to put them back on after she went potty. Thomas and Maybrie are probably laughing at Landon, while Jaxson is posing perfectly for me! haha
Silly, cute kids

We had a "Winter Wonderland" birthday party on Saturday, January 12th once everyone was back in town. Maybrie had a long list of friends she wanted to invite, and since it included basically everyone, we decided to just go ahead and invite them all. I guess everyone was excited to see each other again after the Christmas break, because we had a great turn out... 34 people in our little home! There were kids, parents, food, and balloons everywhere... and we loved it! We were so happy so many friends could come celebrate with us. I always wanted to do a fun, big party... and this definitely qualified. I am glad Maybrie enjoyed it, I just hope she doesn't expect one every year, cause it won't be happening! haha :) I had a blast decorating and gathering coordinating goodies. After Christmas is the perfect time for a snow themed party... everything is super cheap on clearance!
Snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and on the windows. The birthday banner was the only thing that didn't match, but it's our family tradition so it stayed up all week.
Wrapping paper backdrop and blue and white treats
Light lunch of snowflake crackers, meat, cheese, fruit and veggies
The sugar cookies and cupcakes turned out so cute, I love them. Thank you Maddie for helping me frost them!
A great pinterest idea I stole, pictures of Maybrie at different ages
I made cookies 'n' cream popcorn bags (so yummy and easy if you've never had it) and had lots of blue and white candy to put in snowflake bags... hardly anyone took any, so we have a lot of sugar at our house still. Dangerous! 

 Maybrie chose to wear her Cinderella dress again and she did her own hair. When did she get so big and independent?!
The lovely ladies (minus Brittany and Tiffany who had to leave early)
Even though I said not to bring gifts, most people did. It was a little embarrassing how much she got. It was way more than she got for Christmas... she definitely got spoiled, and loved every second of it! Now she has plenty of baby dolls and princess stuff to go around.
The gift that stole the show was the huge cardboard coloring castle from the Navarro's. The kids were so excited about it we ended up opening it up and letting them color at the party up in Maybrie's room. She and her friends love it... I'm sure it will get lots of good use.

Thank you to all of our dear friends here who made Maybrie's birthday so memorable. We love our baby girl and can't believe it's already been 4 years since she joined our family. We are so blessed to have her in our home. We love you Maybrie!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! That is such a cute little birthday. I'm so sad I missed it. BOO!!!! But i'm glad I could be there for her birthday :). Love you

  2. What a party! I can't believe she is already 4! And love the #4 with her pics on the wall... gotta use that idea!

  3. Everything turned out so cute and Maybrie looks so big! I can't wait to see her again!

  4. So cute, Summer. You did a great job making everything look so nice. I can tell that Maybrie was just beside herself with excitement. Glad you had a very happy birthday, Maybrie! Love you girl!