Sunday, August 18, 2013

Indiana State Fair

This year we went to the Indiana State Fair the evening of the first $2 Tuesday. That is the best way to go because your admission, a menu item at various food locations, and rides are only $2... a huge money saver in comparison to regular days. This year we met up with the Kirkwood's and the Pulham's, two of our fellow first year dental families. The kids are becoming buddies with Claire (Kirkwood) and Jens (Pulham) and us adults always have fun visiting. We saw some animals, ate some classic fried fair food- corn dogs, got free ice cream from Turkey Hill, went on the Ferris Wheel (Summer) and Carousel (Brian) with the kids, did "Little Hands on the Farm"... by far my favorite thing this year... soooo cute!, climbed on tractors, played on the playground, and ate cotton candy. This year was a much smoother visit than last year, probably because I looked at the schedule and map beforehand and kind of had an idea of what I wanted to hit. I did take the kids on Wednesday too because there were free tickets in the newspaper and Maybrie wanted to see a few things we missed. We saw a fun ice skating show and spent a lot of time in the horse barns. Thomas just loves animals, and he thought petting the horses was the best thing ever! He loved petting the donkey... and pulling it's tail! haha He was too funny! Overall, we had a great fair experience this year!
     Petting calves                                                  Claire and Maybrie
 Ferris Wheel... Maybrie was really looking forward to this, and she was not disappointed in the least!

 Little Hands on the Farm
The kids wear these cute aprons and carry a basket through this farm set up where they harvest food, gather eggs from the chickens, milk a cow (water filled utters), ride a tractor, plant seeds, and take their crops to the farmer's market where they could buy a real food item (diced peaches, string cheese, milk, granola bar) with a play dollar. The kids LOVED it! Maybrie kept saying she wanted to be a gardener... we went back on Wednesday as well. 

It cracks me up that Brian put Thomas on the pink one!
Thomas would've been happy climbing on the tractors all day. It's one of his favorite words right now.

It's a really good thing that donkey didn't kick Thomas when he pulled his tail! Yikes!
Seriously?! They make the cutest little farmers!

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