Monday, August 5, 2013

July at home in Indy

After a month away from home in June, it was nice to come home and get back into a routine. Things didn't really slow down at all because we were trying to make the most of Brian's last two weeks of break before starting dental school. With so many great friends and fun things to do here in Indy, we're always on the go. Here's a little recap of some of the fun things we did.
 Girl's night at the Cheesecake Factory to say goodbye to my dear friends Ashley Baker and Catie Stanley. Both of their husbands graduated and now they're off to work in the "real world". Love them both, and especially love getting together with all these wonderful ladies!
 We bought a zoo pass this year, and have already gotten our money's worth out of it. We bought the +2 guests pass, and were able to take our new friends the Pulham's for their first time. They just moved here so Daxton can attend dental school. Brian is carpooling with him now, and we just love hanging out with them. Their little boy Jens is one, and he and Thomas just love each other. I'm pretty sure they will become best friends over the next four years. They're both so big and kissable!
Finally saw the much anticipated Butterfly exhibit at the zoo. Maybrie wanted to hold one so bad, but once she did and it landed on her dress... well, let's just say she prefers to just look now!
 We're like one big happy family when the Pulham's pack into our minivan with us. We wore Thomas and Jens out! Can you stand those cheeks?!
 Maybrie and Thomas share a room now so we will have a place for their baby brother. They love sharing bedtime stories on Maybrie's bed. I'm so glad it was a smooth transition for both of them.
 They got balloon animals at the ward 4th of July breakfast.
 Posing with the American flags they made at the ward breakfast.
 The patriotic layered Jello I made... isn't it pretty?!
 The Hay's hosted an awesome BBQ. Dawn and Jeanette went all out with the decorations.
 Pool fun in the backyard

 Thomas loved the little lawn mower, he pushed that thing around forever!
 The delicious spread! Yum!
 Beautiful Midwest sunset
 Watching fireworks over the pond
 What a cutie! 
 We got a little pool for the kids to cool off in the heat. They love it!

 We finally went to the splash pas that is open during the summer at the zoo. The kids have way too much fun here! Can you stand those cute little bodies?! Thomas's back rolls still kill me... I can't get enough!
 Thomas is a maniac at the splash pad. He always sticks out his tongue and drinks from the small fountains!
 Crazy crawl... apparently it is really fun in the puddles.
 I feel like he is saying "rock on!" in this picture!
Maybrie insisted on taking a picture outside of the butterfly garden in front of this pretty wall. I love my little outings with these two. :)

We went to the Children's Museum after a big break (because I was working) and the kids had a great time like always. Maybrie was such a little poser the whole night!

 This is Thomas's new favorite now that he has fallen in love with "tractors!"

 We went to playgroup at Gymnastic Unlimited. We had never been and the kids had so much fun. Thomas and his buddy Jens are riding the tiger together. Cracks me up that they are wearing their matching outfits.
Thomas and Jaxson waiting so patiently for their turn to jump on the trampoline.
Twins Thomas and Jens
 Sharing a duck
 Jens trying to steal it
 We went to the Old North side of Indianapolis and toured the Indiana Landmarks Center. It is a beautiful historic building.

 Listening to a live band
 Making homemade ice cream

 Thomas's favorite animal is an elephant right now. He calls them "Li Li's"... don't ask me why!
 She can be very photogenic when she is in a picture taking mood. She definitely was on this zoo trip.
 The offspring of first year dental students- Claire, Jens, Thomas, and Maybrie
 Prom picture!
 Snack time at the splash pad
We went to Critter Chat at the library and Thomas loved seeing the dog and cat. He loves animals!
 I love the way Thomas says "kitty cat." It's so cute!
 We've made some new friends this month. All of our husbands just started dental school at IU. Andrea, Holly, Alisa and I have a fun little dental wives group going now. They are all awesome and I'm excited to get to know them better over our four year journey. Here we are celebrating Holly's birthday at Red Robin.
 Thomas stuffed the entire mini cupcake in his mouth at once... crazy kid! He does not know how to eat slowly!
Andrea had Maybrie over to her house for a girls day. They baked cookies, painted, and had a picnic inside while watching Snow White. Maybrie had so much fun! Thanks Andrea!

We have had a fun month! Hopefully I can update in smaller doses next month now that I am caught up... we'll see! Oh, and P.S. Brian is doing great in dental school so far. He totally rocked his first anatomy exam last week with a 95. So proud of him and all his hard work! And he looks so cute in scrubs, I'll have to get a picture! :)

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  1. It looks like so much fun! I seriously miss Indy so much looking at your pictures, it is such a great area!! And a HUGE congratulations to both of you for getting in and getting to the white coat ceremony that is really exciting!