Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Spirit

This week we spent lots of time playing inside. The cooler fall temperatures finally hit us, no more 70 degree weather till spring. Many mornings we just stayed in our pajamas and played. On Monday we built a fort, which Maybrie excitedly called the best pirate ship ever! I finished the final touches on the kid's Halloween costumes and about died from their cuteness when we tried them on for the first time. They love them too, which makes it all the more fun. 

I ran some errands with Thomas while Maybrie was at Preschool Wednesday, and man is it easier and even fun with one! At Michaels Thomas pulled a hat off the shelf and thought it was the coolest thing. I tried a new Sesame Chicken recipe in the crock pot... it was super easy and super good! Maybrie even said it is her new favorite. I love it when I find a good new recipe.

We went to the Children's museum with friends on Thursday, and the outing about did me in! Thomas is so curious and just runs all over the place. My body can't keep up with him anymore! So, I think we won't be back to the museum till after the baby comes. :( Maybrie discovered the art studio in the Playscape, and had so much fun making nature pictures. She is my little artist... I think she takes after me. I still remember saying I wanted to be an artist when I grew up back in Elementary school (of course, that never panned out, but the love of art is still there). We used our free passes to the Haunted House that we earned from the library's summer reading program. We during the lights on hours, but Maybrie still freaked out when we reached the entrance. She totally got scared and started crying. She decided to brave it when she realized she couldn't get her bag with a book and candy unless she went through. It only lasted about 3 minutes, and afterwards she was glad she went. It wasn't very good, there is no way I would actually pay the $7/person they charge for it, but I guess it was kind of fun for free. 

On Friday we went to Zoo Boo with the Kirkwood's, Thayn's, and Pulham's. Can I tell you how much I love having a zoo pass?! We have already gotten so much use out of it the past few months... I think it is Thomas's favorite place ever. He loves animals. The Zoo was cutely decorated and the kids enjoyed wearing their costumes, trick-or-treating through the plains, running through the hay maze, going in the bounce house, pumpkin bowling, and sticking their faces in every picture board they could find. We were really lucky it was sunny and just warm enough to get by without jackets for the kids. 

We enjoyed a relaxing, lazy Saturday, something that hasn't happened in a while. We enjoyed a surprise visit from the Thayn's... they brought puppies they picked up for Andrea's mom and grandma. Boy were they cute, and I'm not even an animal lover! The kids were so excited, it totally made their day! We also watched the BYU game, which I admit was actually quite entertaining... it was close, and we were excited about the win. Go cougars!


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  1. The kids are so adorable in their costumes!!!! You did such a great job on Maybrie's. You have so many fun things to do out there. The kids get to have so much fun.