Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MLK Weekend

We were very lucky to have Brian's sisters Lisa and Lori come visit us January 15th- 20th. They both live in Washington, so we were thrilled that they were willing to come all this way to see us! Despite the cold weather we gave them a pretty grand tour of our city. We went to the canal, the zoo, Long's Donuts, Brian's school, The Children's Museum, The Indiana State Museum, Monument Circle, ate good food, watched good movies, built a snowman, and laughed a lot! We also managed to meet up with Darin, Christy and Makaela in Louisville, KY to go to the Louisville Slugger Museum and dinner at a Cuban restaurant called Havana Rumba. It was a jam-packed weekend and we had a blast! The kids had so much fun too. Lisa and Lori were such good sports about playing with them, the kids totally ate up all the attention! And of course they got to meet their newest nephew Ezra and enjoy lots of cuddles with him. Thank you so much for coming Lisa and Lori!
 Ezra is starting to fill out and gets cuter and cuter everyday!
 Our friend Alisa made this cute hat for Maybrie's birthday... even Thomas loves to wear it! haha
 Dolphin Show
 Lisa and Maybrie in the Oceans
 The snowstorm didn't keep up from sticking to our plan and going to the zoo! The Polar Bear was the only one who seemed to be enjoying the weather!
Lori, Lisa and Me... love these sisters-in-law!
 Lisa and Lori played with Maybrie in the snow while the boys napped and Brian was at school. 
 snow angels

Lori, Lisa and Maybrie 
 Thomas cuddling up to Aunt Lori to watch a movie.
 Louisville Slugger Museum

 I got to meet our friends' Holly and Chris's little boy Harrison Christopher Kirkwood. 
Ezra was blessed at church on Sunday the 18th. Brian's mom, Marcia, made his beautiful outfit. I'm so grateful that Brian honors his priesthood and has been able to bless each of our sweet babies. I'll admit I miss our families on such occasions, but I am grateful to share these moments with my little family. I just love them so much!

 Children's Museum... all of the museums were free for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday!
Thomas is the little boat hoarder at the creek in Playscape! 
 Thomas loves dinosaurs.
 Siblings... I love this picture of Brian with his sisters.

 Monument Circle... we totally lucked out with the weather that day.
 Maybrie digging up a mammoth at the Indiana State Museum.
 Thomas calls these Elephants! 

 Thomas crashed on the way home... we wore ourselves out!
Maybrie was thrilled that I let her buy a "Whirly Pop" at the Rocket Fizz shop downtown! The joyful expression on her face pretty much sums up how we all felt about our wonderful weekend! Thanks again for coming Lisa and Lori!

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  1. I had so much fun! Thanks for all of it! Love you.