Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2 months, 2 years, 5 years

My kids are growing up so fast and time seems to just keep picking up speed the more kids we have. This past month with Maybrie turning five and us getting to a groove with three kids... I have really started to feel older and like our family is getting big. I know those of you with more kids and older children are probably laughing at me, but I really am seeing my life cross over into a new phase as I near 30 and having school-age children. And no, I'm not complaining about it. It's just a little weird and crazy to think I am the mom of this little family unit, a family who feeds dinner to missionaries who were deacons when I got married! Surreal but great! I am loving this stage of our lives.

We are trudging through this insanely cold and snowy winter. School was cancelled this afternoon and tomorrow for another snowstorm that is supposed to dump another 8-12 inches of snow. This is the sixth day of school that has been cancelled this semester and it's only been a month! Brian is getting annoyed by the setbacks in his studies, but I am grateful for this snow day since I have a cold and now I have Brian to help with the kids while I rest and try to get better. And what have we been doing lately in this cold? Brian studies, goes to mutual and plays basketball at the church on Tuesdays, plays in the stake basketball tournament on Saturdays (Have I mentioned how much Brian loves playing basketball? It's his favorite outlet and break from school right now.), and plays with me and the kids as much as he can. I keep plenty busy with the kids at home... between nursing, changing and burping Ezra, keeping the kids fed and the house clean, I am lucky to squeeze in a nap, a book, or a project. I have managed to start going to the gym, Planet Fitness, that just opened down the street and enjoy watching the Bachelor with my girlfriends on Monday nights. Motherhood has taught me a lot, like when sleep should take precedence over picking up a few toys off the living room floor! I am still learning, but I do feel very grateful for the balance I am figuring out. I am also grateful that I feel sane right now, especially after the rough time I had with postpartum depression after I had Thomas. Overall, life is good, and it feels good to say it!

Now for an update on our cute little munchkins, because I know I am forgetting so much of the sweet moments I have with them already and I need to document something to remember the stages they are going through!

Maybrie Rae- 5 years

This little girl is a little too much like me and really knows how to push our buttons! I admit that I sometimes feel very frustrated and just plain exhausted by her right now. Maybrie has a lot of attitude, is VERY independent, and whines and throws fits a lot when she can't have what she wants NOW and things don't go HER WAY. We are trying very hard to be patient with her and help her control her temper (that she gets from me, I did the same thing as a child) and overcome her shyness and attachment to me in public (she also gets from me). While Maybrie often makes me want to scream, I also see so much good in her. She is extremely creative and imaginative. She loves art and always comes up with things she wants to make and do with me. She loves to decorate for holidays and plan fun activities for us to do as a family. She loves learning and asks everyday if she has school (which makes me sorry she only has preschool once a week). I do manage to squeeze in some ABC work and writing at home occasionally, which she is always so excited about. She is addicted to the iPad, which she gets to play on during quiet time while the boys (and I) nap. She loves being a big sister and simply can't get enough of baby Ezra. When I get after her for picking him up when he was sleeping she says, "He just looked so cute! I wanted to hold him!" She loves to be a helper and I love having her help (most of the time). Sometimes I wish she would just get out of my space and not have to help all the time! She loves to sing and dance and is so entertaining to watch. She loves family home evening and likes to move our names on the board to assign the different roles. She has an uncanny memory! She is always telling me details about things that happened a year or so ago and I can't believe she could remember. So if we don't want her to know something, we don't tell her because she will never forget it! She is a picky eater, and often goes to bed hungry because she is unwilling to try what we've fixed and consequently doesn't get anything else. She would live off of candy and fruit-by-the-foot if we'd let her! She is a funny little five year old that seems so grown up all of a sudden. She'll be in school before we know it! Love her!

Thomas Lee- 2 1/2 years

This little ball of sunshine is at the age where I love everything that comes out of his mouth! I just can't get enough of his cute little voice and the funny things he says. Thomas takes after his daddy with his easy going personality. Brian and I definitely have mini-me's in Thomas and Maybrie! Thomas truly is a joy to have around. He loves his siblings. He copies everything Maybrie does and is so obedient following her bossy directions when they play. It amazes me how sweet he is to her even when she is being mean to him. He is very forgiving and recovers from being hurt or upset quickly. He loves to give hugs and kisses and his chub is so fun to squeeze on. He is kind of starting to lengthen and lose his squishiness and I'm not ready to lose it! He weighs nearly 40 pounds now and is hard to carry now. Of course I still do though... I can't say no to that cute face. Right now he has to say good bye/ good night to everyone and everything. He is always asking to come out and say good night to a certain toy he forgot after we put him to bed. And he never goes right to sleep. We can always hear him playing and singing for a while before he falls asleep. He packs so many toys on his bed he barely has room to lay on it himself! It bugs us, but we have to keep the toys in their room because we don't have anywhere else to keep them in our place right now. He is addicted to fruit, vegetables, and juice, but is getting pretty picky now. He is always saying, "I don't like it!" to foods, which would make me crazy if he didn't sound so cute saying it! He loves his cars, trains, and animals, but he also loves playing Barbies and princesses with Maybrie. He knows all of the princesses names... my favorite is "Snow Wipe!" (Snow White). He and Maybrie are obsessed with Frozen music right now and love to sing and dance together. Thomas loves to sing nursery songs too. He is the cutest little singer. Basically he is just one lovable toddler that we are crazy about!

Ezra James- 2 months

Ezra has almost doubled his birth weight now, weighing 10.5 lbs. He is finally starting to get a few little rolls on his thighs and a double chin. He is awake and alert a lot now. He has the prettiest eyes. They look like they're a dark blue, almost grayish at times. He has the beautiful skin and perfectly shaped head like our other kids. We see bits of all of us in him at times, but still think he just has his own unique look and a more narrow face shape than our other two. He is an awesome sleeper! He has been sleeping through the night for about two weeks, usually an 8-9 hour stretch (sometimes 10). It is heaven! I am so grateful. He spits up quite a bit and is still taking Zantac twice a day for his acid reflux. I keep a bib on him most of the time, which I never did with Maybrie and Thomas. He can soothe himself so fast. If he's fed and clean he will calm himself within 5 minutes. It's amazing! He is super strong and has been rolling from his tummy to his back for weeks now. The kids think it is so funny. The kids are still obsessed with him and the poor boy gets hugged, carried, and poked endlessly. We sure love having this sweet baby in our home!

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