Thursday, February 27, 2014

Month of Love

Staying on top of my blog with three kids is challenging. By the time I have a second to blog I am too exhausted to put a cohesive sentence together... so the "weekly" updates are getting more spread out! Oh well. Life is a work in progress, right? I have also found that I can only expect to accomplish one thing on my to do list each day besides the typical feeding, changing, fit diffusing, and cleaning I normally do. I simply don't have enough hands! Sometimes I wish I had two of myself! I also totally overbooked myself a few times this month... an outing everyday with three kids is WAY too much! I have learned that I need to stay home to keep our house in order and keep me sane. Of course these discoveries were made over the two weeks leading up to Brian's first big monthly exam while he is locked in our room studying! It has been a very busy month, but as I learn to lower my expectations of  myself I feel much calmer and happier. Even though I feel like life gets a little crazy right now, I feel very blessed to have three healthy, beautiful children and a wonderful husband and best friend by my side through it all. The highlight of our month was definitely having my parents here for five days. We are so glad they were able to meet Ezra and see our life as Hoosiers. We love you mom and dad (grandma and grandpa)! Thanks again for coming!
Maybrie reading a bedtime story to her little brothers.
Thomas hiding from the camera during playgroup at the Greenwood Park Mall.
Maybrie made a cape out of our Valentine tissue paper.
Beckett Wilson is obsessed with baby Ezra!
Ezra is so alert now.
Maybrie and Thomas got to go to Claire's 3rd birthday party. Ezra and I stayed home because I was sick.
Thomas and Jens are best buds now and loved rocking out with Claire's guitar and microphone.
Love these two pretty princesses!
Maybrie made a babysitting center one morning for Ezra and her dolls.
Thomas flashing a cheesy smile... he loves to jump on our bed! sigh...
Maybrie wanted to help me plan preschool and finally gave up on me and made her own schedule.
Maybrie looked a little school girl in this outfit with her new pink shoes.
Ezra and Harrison Kirkwood finally met. 2 months and 2 weeks= same size!
Ezra is starting to flash little smiles at us.
I taught preschool. O is for Ocean! Thomas is loving preschool as much as Maybrie now. I can't believe he is almost big enough to start it himself!
The kids had a blast with the swedish fish in blue Jello and making personal aquariums.

Ezra got a bumbo and looks so big sitting up in it. The kids love sitting in it too!
We went to a playgroup Valentine's party at the Hess's. The kids loved passing out valentines for their friends. I love my little Valentine's!

Maybrie loved making valentines and insisted on sending some to her cousins too! (Sorry siblings if you see this and wonder why yours didn't arrive... I didn't send them! Horrible I know, but it would cost a lot if I sent all of the letters Maybrie writes!)
Sibling love at the Children's Museum
Holly met us there and let my parents get in on her pass. The kids are always excited to play with their buddy Claire!

Little scientist
Mom and Dad were such good sports playing with the kids!
Thomas pooped his pants and ended up wearing Claire's pink pants! He totally rocked them! So funny!

Thomas and Grandpa got along really well, I loved watching them bond.
I couldn't help snapping a picture of my parents playing checkers. They are too cute! I love them so much!
Maybrie helped me decorate the table for our Valentine's dinner. She loves helping me with stuff like this.
We ate heart baker pizza from Papa Murphy's. Yummy and easy.
We have had SO MUCH snow! I almost couldn't find Target over the giant snow pile!
I am trying out new cooked vegetable recipes this year. I made brussel sprouts for the first time!
We took advantage of the sun coming out on my parents last day here and went downtown to monument circle and the canal.
I love my parents and am so glad they finally got to come out and see our life out here.
I finally used my Chop Wizard I got for Christmas. It is awesome!
I made a Pinterest recipe called White Cheese Chicken Lasagna. The 20 minute prep time took me 1 1/2 hours... cooking with three needy children is so much more work!

Ezra turned 3 months old! He is starting to get some chub on his thighs and cheeks... but still not even close to Thomas! He is a sweet baby. We love him!

I managed to tackle one of many organizational projects. I love having a clean and organized work space!

I curled Maybrie's hair one day and she thought it was awesome! She is looking so pretty and grown up!
Brian and I tried Ethiopian food with a groupon and it was... well, disgusting! haha We couldn't help cracking up at each other trying it. It was good we shared because we didn't even finish this. So much for enlarging our ethnic palettes! 

We enjoyed being alone together anyway, and a yummy Orange Leaf dessert saved the night! I love date night with my man!

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