Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Best Road Trip Ever Part 1

Since blogging after trips is always such a daunting task, I decided to just jot down a few notes on my phone everyday, and copy and paste them periodically as we go. Before I get in to our fabulously big road trip I need to congratulate Brian on completing his first year of dental school. He finished the semester with a 3.7 GPA. I'm so proud of him! The road trip title is my positive thinking trying to will 85+ hours in the car, with three little ones, to be great! We'll be hitting 13 states during our month long trek.

Day 1- Ezra too distracted by the car ceiling to nurse, first prize jackpot with a motorcycle and ponies (thank you dollar store), Illinois, Iowa, Ezra's new laugh, pretty green landscape, Mormon Trail Center, Winter Quarters Nebraska temple, Pizza Hut, Regency Lodge Hotel

Day 2- Nebraska, a whole lot of nothing, rain, Wyoming, farm animals (Thomas loved), mountains, green, trains, Utah, kids did extremely well, only 3 stops, changing diapers on my lap, my headache actually went away with Tylenol, Mt. Timpanogos, home

Day 3- Orem, lazy morning playing at grandma's house, church with the Lott's, roast beef dinner, introducing Ezra, visiting, playing with cousins, cartwheels, Thomas calling Lego Darth Vader Batman

Day 4- Orem, Traverse Mountain outlets, Maybrie slept till noon, swimming, visiting, playing with cousins

Day 5- drove to Reno, NV, some whining, boys slept all afternoon, read Divergent aloud, Johnny rockets for dinner- when Thomas put his sailor hat on he said, "I a cowboy!", when I told Thomas to get in the elevator he said, "We go on an alligator?!", swam in the pool and held all three kids (no floaties or baby pool), Ezra's first time in the pool and he liked it, kids showered (no tub)

Day 6- drove to Crescent City, CA, Donuts for breakfast, Maybrie whining, Thomas's stinky feet, read Divergent, windy road, elevation changes, ocean, got to Emily's house, playing with cousins

Day 7- Crescent City, drove/hiked Stout Grove in Redwoods State Park, Maybrie does not like hiking, Hidden Beach, finding shells, starfish, anemone, Brian packing both Maybrie and Thomas, playing with cousins

Day 8- Big Tree circle loop, tour thru tree, windy North beach, pulled over by Emily's ward member, double sided Cars/ Frozen cake, Thomas's birthday party


Day 9- Thomas's 3rd birthday, tantrum by Maybrie, Oregon, stop in Roseburg to meet Dr. Sharp and lunch with Jared & Michelle Juett & family, Vancouver, Burgerville, stayed at Gillespie's, playing and visiting

Day 10- Gillespie's, church, good food and friends

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