Friday, July 11, 2014

The Best Road Trip Ever Part 2

The Washington Chapter:

Day 11- drove to Grandview, whiny, tired kids, scones, relaxing, napping, grandma and grandpa took Thomas shopping for his birthday- he got a little people airplane and matching game, Brian found his old toys 

Day 12- Grandview, Brian got an eye infection, Brian went shooting with his parents, played with toys

Day 13- I slept in, Maybrie went to the park with grandma, I cleaned/vacuumed out the van, Thomas got to ride in grandpa's new truck, grocery shopping, Sorry, swimming, yummy steak dinner, puppies, pigs and horses (King and Sparky) at the Best's (Brian, Thomas and Maybrie rode the horses), Thomas waving bye as he and Maybrie rode off, Mike and Denise Naylor and their daughters Lily and Daisy arrived

Day 14- went and saw animals (goats, chickens, pigs, cows, chicks), Maybrie didn't like the smell so she sat out by the car during our tour, when Thomas saw the animals pee he giggled and said, "Him have water!", Lisa and her kids came over, Tyler was excited that he and Thomas have matching birthmarks on their cheeks, swimming, playing outside, tractor (riding mower) rides with grandpa, visiting, laughs, choco tacos

Day 15- Brian wrote a school paper, playing, Elizabeth and Jon came down, Maybrie baked cookies with grandma, swimming, tv, Lori came down, visiting 

Day 16- Brian helped with yard work, fight to get Maybrie to take Benadryl for a rash that broke out on her neck and legs, swimming, BBQ, met Stuart, visiting outside, kids playing on the playground, otter pops

Day 17- church, Brian made ribs, I took a nap, Maybrie likes to use bar soap to wash her hands, Maybrie's rash still itching, more visiting

Day 18- drove to Pasco, hung out at Christensen's house, I ran errands with Jess, playing with cousins, trampoline, playground, BBQ, s'mores in the fire pit

Day 19- Lisa and Jaime's house, I slept in, kids played in sprinklers, went to Aidan's T-ball game, Red Robin

Day 20- waffles, splash pad, Thomas became Lindsey's little buddy, kids played with Brian's Star Wars toys, ice cream, playing outside, visiting 

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