Sunday, September 21, 2014

September means Fall

  • We spent Labor Day with the Gunnell and Clark families, BBQ steak and the kid's first time fishing in their neighborhood pond.
  • Maybrie got her hair cut by Holly. She loves it and there is much less complaining because I can comb the tangles out much faster.
  • We went to Julianna Maxwell's 4th princess birthday party... Thomas LOVES his plastic sword he received as a favor!
  • The boys and I went to the zoo with Maxwell's.
  • Fall is here... we had to break out jackets for playgroup at Pioneer Park.
  • I got to take Thomas and Josiah Maxwell to Vandro Pena's super hero birthday party at the bowling alley. The boys all wore capes. Thomas was so excited he bowled on other friend's turns and even blew out Vandro's candle! He was in awe of the Batman birthday cake too. 
  • Brian competed in the IUPUI Regatta on the canal downtown. We had fun running down along the canal cheering him on. We also enjoyed the nice weather, live music, booths, bounce house, and activities. The only bummer was that Brian's wedding ring slipped off his finger in the middle of the race! Luckily, we were able to get a very similar replacement for ten dollars on Amazon.



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