Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall Break Week 2

We were lucky enough to have my parents come visit us for three days. My dad had business in Bloomington (45 minutes away). On Monday we enjoyed a relaxing day of playing at home and outside at the dinosaur park with grandma. That evening Brian and I got to go out on a date. Mom and dad did family home evening with the kids and especially enjoyed hearing grandpa speak in Dutch and tell them the story of Brer Rabbit. On Tuesday mom, the kids and I went down to Bloomington and had lunch at Mama Bear's pizza- super yummy and fun place, and played at the Wonderlab museum. The fall colors and town were gorgeous. Dad met up with us at the museum later and then we drove home and had Chinese take-out for dinner. On Wednesday dad didn't have work so we took them to the zoo. It was a nice day and the kids loved showing them around. Brian surprised us and showed up during his lunch break between classes. It was so nice to have them come visit. I loved having so much one on one time with my mom, something that is a rare treat when you have ten kids in your family and you live across the country. Thank you for coming mom and dad... we love you so much!

On Friday we went down to Louisville to meet up with Brian's dad and brother Darin and his family. We went to the Mega Caverns which are massive! Grandpa spoiled the grandkids by getting them each a cool helmet with light to see in the caverns. It was a cool tour, but a little long winded for a five year old who has to go to the bathroom half way through! She survived and then we enjoyed a delicious meal at Varenice Italian restaurant. It was a fun day. We feel really lucky to have had family in town. The kids were thrilled to see both grandpas in one week! It was a great fall break for Maybrie and I was grateful it was fun and passed quickly. I was worried about entertaining for two whole weeks! On Sunday we made a funny discovery that Maybrie's cardigan fit me! It finally allowed me to wear a skirt I haven't had anything to match for years. We all got a good laugh! 

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