Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ezra's first birthday

Ezra turned one on Friday. He has two teeth, crawls everywhere, pulls himself to a stand, climbs up the stairs, won't drink milk from a bottle/sippy cup, loves to eat regular food at the table with us, growls when playing with dinosaurs/animals, gets into cupboards and loves pull everything out of my purse. Ezra is still super smiley and happy and has the cutest little giggle. He is still constantly smothered by Maybrie and Thomas. He is very tiny, 10th percentile. 

For Ezra's big day I put up our birthday banner with a picture from every month of his first year on it. I also got him a balloon which he loved playing with. We invited Daetwylers, Pulhams, Thayns, Maxwells, and Kirkwoods over to celebrate. When we first gave Ezra his cake he put his fingers in it and pushed it away... twice! Then I gave him a bite or two so he would know what it is. Then he took off... he totally dug in and was focused eating for like 20 minutes. He was the most adorable little blue smurf! We had pizza for dinner. We gave Ezra some dinosaurs and Holly embroidered him two BYU Cougars shirts. We had a lot of fun. We just love our sweet baby Ezra!




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