Thursday, March 16, 2017


October has been a busy month for us. Ezra has figured out how to get to stuff on the kitchen counters with a kids chair and has been making all kinds of messes like this salsa mess... yuck!
Maybrie was awarded student of the month for August and we got to go to the awards assembly at her school. She was the first one called up and a huge gym with the entire school and parents was scary for this new first grader. Daddy was the hero who walked her up and stood by her through it all. We're so proud of her!
We hit Zoo Boo on the first weekend of the month to avoid the crowds and because we had other activities schedule every other weekend. The weather was nice and there was hardly anybody there. It was fun to watch Ezra carry his bag and figure out trick-or-treating for the first time. This year Maybrie was a princess, Thomas a knight and Ezra a dragon. We already had Maybrie and Thomas' costumes from Christmas last year and we totally lucked out finding Ezra's costume at Costco for a great price. Ezra thinks his costume is the coolest thing! He wants to wear it all the time at home, it's adorable!

I taught Thomas' co-op preschool: E is for Eye. We did some fun activities with googly eyes that they loved.
We headed down to Kirkwood Farms in Bicknell for their annual Fall Harvest party. Each year they add something new, making it even more fun and memorable. Like years past there was yummy food, face painting, ferris wheel, hay (straw) ride to the pumpkin patch, and a blow up slide. The new addition this year was a kiddie coaster which the kids loved... even Ezra! Such a nice day with friends.

Brian and I were lucky enough to have my parents come watch our kids while we went on a getaway to Fort Myers, FL. We were able to fly free using the Delta vouchers we earned by bumping our flight home from WA last May. We stayed at

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