Friday, June 17, 2011

Love from Big Sister Maybrie

Maybrie had to wait until 4pm, for the children's visiting hours at the hospital, the day after Thomas was born to meet him. And boy was she excited! Maybrie and Brian stayed with me and Thomas at the hospital until 8pm that night. Maybrie did not really want to go home without me and Thomas! She had so much fun holding him, snuggling in bed with me (and taking me for a ride with the many buttons to push!), eating dinner with mommy and stealing all of my crackers and apple juice, and checking out her new toy... Baby Thomas! :)
My two little angels meet- Maybrie and Thomas

Maybrie holding Thomas for the first time

Grandma Marcia, Maybrie, Thomas, and daddy

Thinking him over

When I asked Maybrie to look up and smile she said, "No! I looking at Thomas!" :)

First photo of our family of FOUR

Thomas at home in his bassinet

Maybrie reacting to Thomas coming home

Kisses from big sister Maybrie... I didn't even tell her to do this! Are they sweet or what?!


  1. Yay, yay, yay! He's adorable, and I love all the photos! Wish I could come visit!

  2. Ohhh, he is honestly so perfect. I can't wait to meet him. Looking at all of the pictures makes me want to have a little baby boy...not right this second, but you know, sometime in the future.

  3. Oh congrats you guys! He is seriously so precious and adorable. Maybrie is so sweet with him...these pics make me want to cry! Love it!!!! So glad baby Thomas is finally here! Enjoy!!