Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Visit with the Lott's

Last week my oldest sister Jalene and her 6 kids came up to WA for a visit. She stayed with my sister Jessica in Pasco. We met up halfway at my in-law's house in Grandview on Tuesday and went swimming. I made homemade pizza for dinner... yummy! My nieces were excited to help me in the kitchen...
Penelope, Naomi, Anna

I also got to spend all day Wednesday with them in Pasco too. Everyone was so excited to meet little Thomas! I felt like he was playing musical chairs being passed between the cousins! Here are a few cute shots we got of him...

Content after eating

The camera kept startling him so we got several funny ones of him stretching like this.

Don't you just want to kiss on him?!

The highlight of the visit for Maybrie was probably Jessica's trampoline... she could jump forever! She especially enjoyed it when they put the sprinkler underneath it, she is a total water baby!
Maybrie and Anna

Anna, Maybrie, and Garrek
(Maybrie is in love with my 14 year old nephew Garrek, whose name she pronounces "Jarrek." She has been asking for him everyday since they left, so sweet!)

Daphne and Thomas

It was so much fun visiting and it was neat to have them meet Thomas too.
We love you Lott Family!

P.S. You will notice there aren't very many pictures... I was a little pre-occupied with Thomas. This was more of a "sit and enjoy" rather than "run around and take pictures" visit for me!

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