Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our New Home

We found someone living within our ward boundaries who wants renters while they try to sell their house. For the same rent amount we get a house that is twice the size of our old duplex. It may cost a little more because we are now paying all utilities, but not much. We moved in two weeks ago at the end of September, and though everything is not completely unpacked and set up the way I want it, I figure if I don't post it now, it will never happen! While this place is old and could use a lot of updating in the kitchen, new paint, and flooring... there are still plenty of reasons we are happier here. Some of the positive upgrades from our old duplex include: carport, better neighborhood (we didn't like living right next to the high school and backed up to a busy street), no neighbors to hear through the walls, a garbage disposal, an extra bedroom, an extra half bathroom, a storage room, central air/heat (rather than base board heat- would have made me nervous with the kids), more light, more space, and more storage!
While we've taken the risk that the house could sell before we are ready to move, we are feeling good about the decision. The owner's are asking a lot for the place and we figure that with all the updating the house needs, it won't sell soon at all. When we find a problem with the place we can turn it into a positive by saying it will keep buyers away!
Here is a little picture tour of our new home:

View of living room from front door
View of living room from opposite side
Dining (you can kind of see the backyard through the blinds)
View of kitchen from dining
Laundry room off kitchen
Half bath off laundry room
Small bedroom/den we are using as a storage room
Huge multi-purpose room: our playroom/ office
Office area
Down the hall from the living/ dining you find:
The bathroom (you can kind of see the tub/shower in the mirror)
Maybrie's room
Thomas' room
Master bedroom

We are still working on it, finding places for everything and making it look and feel like home. But we are pretty well settled. Maybrie loves all of the colors and is constantly pointing out the yellow or blue walls, pink carpet, etc. in our "Geen" (she doesn't say the r sound) house! She loves all of the space to run around and play in too. Hopefully we will be here until we know where we're going for dental school.

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  1. Looks great, Sums! Excited to see it (and YOU) in person soon!