Wednesday, October 12, 2011


#1: Healthy Lifestyle/ Weight loss

After I had Maybrie I discovered that I did not know how to exercise and really lose weight. Up until that point in my life, maintaining weight was all I really knew how to or needed to do. It took me a long time to figure out how to exercise and watch my eating habits. I was looking forward to doing a better job losing the baby weight after having Thomas, now that I have developed some good fitness habits. Here is the plan that I came up with back in July when Thomas was 6 weeks old:

I made a daily point system: 1 point for exercise, 1 point for eating my fruit/vegetable servings, and -1 point for extra treats (I was allowed one small sweet a day... cutting it completely never works for me)

I set the goal to earn 50 points, hoping that achieving that would have set the habits and shown some results as well.

I measured my waist and butt. I don't have a scale and I am more concerned with losing inches to fit into my old clothes than I am about the exact weight.

I am pleased to announce that I reached my goal and that the results have been very exciting!

I reached the 50 points before the move, but the weight and measurements are current, and show the change that occurred since July 18th, over a 2 1/2 month period.

I lost 2 1/2 inches from my waist
I lost 3 1/2 inches from my butt
I lost 16 pounds!

I am currently the weight I was when Maybrie was 15 months old, and Thomas will be only 4 months old this week! I am amazed what some self control, dedication, exercise, and healthy eating choices can do. I have moved down a size in clothes and am just thrilled that all of my hard work is paying off! I am only 5 lbs. away from my goal weight and now actually feel that maybe someday I will reach my dream weight! Below is a picture of me right now. I didn't take many pictures of myself after Thomas was born, so you may not be able to tell without a comparison picture next to it.

#2: Sleep

Thomas has been sleeping in his car seat since he was a few weeks old because of his colic and reflux. We would cushion it with several blankets, but I still felt kind of bad about it. The incline helped him sleep. This past week we transitioned him to his crib, laying him on his stomach, and I am thrilled to say it was a smooth transition. Thomas now sleeps in his crib! Yay!

With so much going on since the move, and having a never ending to do list, I find it important to celebrate the progress we're making, no matter how small.


  1. Congrats Sum, that's awesome. You must feel great. Way to make a goal and stick to it. Oh, glad Thomas is sleeping better too. I bet that alone helps you feel better as you get to sleep better too! :)

  2. Way to go, Summer! You look fabulous!

    I'm surprised Thomas is laying on his tummy...does that help with reflux? I'd be too nervous to place on tummy to sleep--we just put a folded towel under Winston's bassinet mattress to have it incline slightly.