Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Days

I have been a little busy and have decided to just do one big post for the month of October to wrap up all the highlights. This will basically be our month in photos, with a few captions! Enjoy!

Fall means pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to me! Maybrie quite enjoyed making and eating them too.
Brian and I were lucky enough to go to the BYU football game in Corvallis, Oregon against the Oregon State Beavers. It was Thomas' first trip, and he did quite well. Thank you to Tony and Amy Christensen for inviting us and to mom and dad Naylor for watching Maybrie while we were gone and to Emily(Brian's sister) for putting us up for the night. We drove down to Portland Friday afternoon and enjoyed yummy Thai food with Tony and Amy and then stayed the night with Emily and Jeremiah and their kids in Vancouver. We had fun visiting with family briefly. We drove down to the game the next morning and headed back home (well, to Brian's parents' house in Grandview) right after the game. It was a quick trip, but a fun getaway for us.
Headed to the game... we wished we had warm clothes for Thomas in Cougar colors!

Brian, Thomas under the blanket, Tony and Amy

Me, Brian, and sleeping Thomas :)

Our cute cuddly teddy bear all bundled up!

We won the game! Go Cougars!
(Thomas doesn't seem as excited about the win as we were!)

Our happy traveler

Just playing with daddy

Full grin... this little cutie is now 4 months old and weighs a whopping 18 lbs! Wow!

Halloween preview... Thomas as a monkey

We had the pleasure of having my sisters Ashley and Noelle and their kids come visit from Utah. They stayed with my sister Jessica and her family in Pasco, but they all came up to Yakima on Saturday the 22nd. We had a picnic in the park and then went to a free harvest festival at Barrett Orchards. I didn't do a very good job of documenting the visit between chasing kids and enjoying conversation, but here is a little snapshot.

Pumpkins picked in the pumpkin patch

Maybrie, Afton, Maeryn and Howie in the toddler hay maze

Maybrie and Howie

The twins

Maybrie and Howie on the tractor

Daddy and Maybrie
(in case you can see a cotton swab in Brian's ear, he burst his ear drum in a work accident the day before. He was such a trooper to join us despite the pain.)

The fam minus Thomas asleep in the stroller

Kids playing school outside the gift shop

Maybrie loved it!

Howie on his mommy's shoulders

Noelle and Howie

The following Monday I headed down to Pasco and spent a couple of days visiting.

All tuckered out

Maybrie's favorite, swinging, at Columbia River Park



Daphne and Thomas

Mean while, back at home...

Thomas fell asleep at the dinner table

One night we wanted we added up all of our change we could find and had enough for one hot and ready pizza! It was an awesome frugal Friday!

Family time!

Thomas happy in his swing.

Maybrie thought cleaning out the pumpkins was yucky, but thought it was hilarious on mommy's hand!

Halloween memories

All lit up! They turned out great!

Elizabeth and Jon joined us for the pumpkin carving

Can you guess what we were?!

(Thanks to Scott and Brittany Olsen!)

Tired from all the monkeying around

Go Huskies...I know it's not BYU, but the outfit was free. Brian's second favorite University.

Check out the loot!

Maybrie loved lining up all her candy and putting it back into her bucket

Such a cutie!
Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. Love ALL those pictures! And I forgot about those awesome pumpkin chocolate chip cookies... will definitely have to make me some ;)