Sunday, July 31, 2011

Air Show

Yesterday we went down to Tri-cities to see the air show at the hydroplane races at the river. Our favorite part was seeing the very LOUD F-15 fly around overhead. It was so loud that we had to cover the kid's ears. Maybrie was a little scared at first, but pretty soon she thought it was really cool. However, we couldn't get her to take her hands off her ears. It was really cute!

The F15 flying over the river

Maybrie plugging her ears

I love that face!

This is what Thomas did during the very loud air show! What a cutie!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Simple Joys

Painting Toe nails- Maybrie & Mommy
Maybrie being silly before bed and looking cute in her nightgown
Thomas opening his eyes more

Tender Mercies

So, last week I felt like a chicken with its head cut off... I was truly in survival mode with a colicky Thomas and a demanding Maybrie. I was barely sane and truly running on empty. At the last minute we managed to find a babysitter and go on a date on Friday night. I couldn't even remember the last date we went on. Brian and I really needed it. We went to Applebee's and on a scenic drive. It was the first time we have ever paid a babysitter! It was well worth it though. And on Saturday I got to go see Harry Potter in 3D with my sisters-in-law. I thoroughly enjoyed it! What a satisfying ending to a brilliant series. Brian and I had to speak in our ward on Sunday and neither of us really had had a minute to sit down and prepare. On Saturday night when the kids were finally both asleep and we were were studying for our talks, Brian got a call from a member of the stake presidency. He came over and extended the call of Ward Executive Secretary to Brian. It was a bit of a humbling experience for both of us.

Sunday was a busy, but very spiritual day. Taking the time out of our crazy lives to study and ponder on the things that truly matter and what I am grateful for was much needed. The Lord's timing, as always, was perfect and exactly what I needed. I felt revived and grateful to be a mother of two beautiful children with a worthy husband who supports me. I felt the Lord's love for me and found new strength and comfort to keep going. I managed to get an afternoon nap after church... both of the kids slept at the same time- a small miracle! I felt a little more rested and capable of taking on another week.

Yesterday was a day that was truly a tender mercy from the Lord. Thomas actually slept in the swing between feedings allowing me to give Maybrie, myself, and our home some much-needed attention. With all of the time and energy I have been giving to Thomas, Maybrie has been acting up big time in an effort to regain my attention. It has been driving me crazy and my lack of sleep has been making me very impatient with her. I love Maybrie and was able to really enjoy her yesterday. We were able to spend a whole hour together in the morning where my attention was completely hers. We played outside and enjoyed the nice weather. I even managed to get my toe nails done... something I have been wanting to do for months! And Maybrie of course wanted hers painted too. It was a nice day that I really enjoyed. I feel truly happy and grateful for my life. It is amazing how much sleep and crying babies can affect someone. I am grateful that the trials do pass... or that we are allowed sweet moments and tender mercies in between the trials. I think this is going to be a much better week... it definitely had a much better start!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Photo Shoot

Ok, brace yourself for an explosion of cuteness!!! Seriously, I can't get over how beautiful my children are in these pictures. My friend Ashleigh Thornock took them for us, and she did an amazing job! I simply can't thank her enough. There were too many cute ones to choose what to post and what to leave out, so there are a lot to look at. I have them all in color and black & white, but I just picked one of each so that it doesn't look like I am bragging TOO much! Enjoy!
Maybrie: Age 2 1/2
Thomas: Age 1 week 4 days

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sprinklers + Trampoline = FUN

Maybrie is obsessed with the trampoline! She definitely can out jump any of her cousins... when we go to my sister Jessica's house she is often found jumping by herself for hours!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Popping Snaps

This is a pretty cute video of Maybrie stomping on snaps on the 4th of July.

4th of July Weekend

On Sunday, July 3rd we blessed Thomas. My parents came up from Utah, and it was wonderful to have them visit and share the special day with us. My mother-in-law Marcia made the beautiful blessing outfit (I don't have a close-up of Thomas in it... I wasn't on picture duty, ely but holding Thomas duty, and with so many cameras I didn't realize we didn't get one on ours.) We also had Brian's parents, his uncle Curtis, three of Brian's sisters, my sister Jessica, and their families. It was a lovely day.
Our patriotic family

My parents

Brian's parents

Jessica, Justin, Naomi, Ren, us, Lisa, Jaime, Tyler, Aidan, Olivia, Lindsey, Daphne, and Maybrie

Brian, Elizabeth, Lori, Thomas

Curtis, Brian, Thomas

On Monday we went down to Grandview to celebrate the 4th of July at Brian's parent's house. We had a BBQ, went swimming, and did fireworks. I didn't have a chance to take pictures until that night during fireworks.
Maybrie excitedly watching flowers.

Brian, Maybrie, Elizabeth

Maybrie got to hold the firework for daddy

Our little firecracker Maybrie sporting red, white, and blue. Her favorite part was stomping on snaps.

Thomas spent most of his first 4th doing this... well, actually, more eating, burping, and pooping, which means that is what I spent most of the holiday taking care of.

Sweet baby Thomas

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Visit with the Lott's

Last week my oldest sister Jalene and her 6 kids came up to WA for a visit. She stayed with my sister Jessica in Pasco. We met up halfway at my in-law's house in Grandview on Tuesday and went swimming. I made homemade pizza for dinner... yummy! My nieces were excited to help me in the kitchen...
Penelope, Naomi, Anna

I also got to spend all day Wednesday with them in Pasco too. Everyone was so excited to meet little Thomas! I felt like he was playing musical chairs being passed between the cousins! Here are a few cute shots we got of him...

Content after eating

The camera kept startling him so we got several funny ones of him stretching like this.

Don't you just want to kiss on him?!

The highlight of the visit for Maybrie was probably Jessica's trampoline... she could jump forever! She especially enjoyed it when they put the sprinkler underneath it, she is a total water baby!
Maybrie and Anna

Anna, Maybrie, and Garrek
(Maybrie is in love with my 14 year old nephew Garrek, whose name she pronounces "Jarrek." She has been asking for him everyday since they left, so sweet!)

Daphne and Thomas

It was so much fun visiting and it was neat to have them meet Thomas too.
We love you Lott Family!

P.S. You will notice there aren't very many pictures... I was a little pre-occupied with Thomas. This was more of a "sit and enjoy" rather than "run around and take pictures" visit for me!