Friday, February 17, 2012

I love Sundays

This past Sunday while making Valentine's with Maybrie I looked over and saw Brian playing with Thomas and making him laugh. Brian had pulled out the camera to catch Thomas' adorable smile. As I sat on the couch watching Maybrie play with Brian after Thomas was in bed, I thought to myself, "Awww! I LOVE Sundays!" Brian is home, I get to enjoy the spirit at church, I get to relax and enjoy my family at home, there are no chores calling my name, and after everyone is in bed, I get to enjoy the Masterpiece classic Downton Abbey on PBS. Yes, I definitely love Sundays!
My smiley boy playing before bed
My favorite boys- Brian and Thomas
Brian on the phone with Maybrie (in the same room)
Brian's phone is a very cool happy meal version!
Maybrie's hilarious conversation with daddy went on for about 30 minutes straight! I got to coupon clip and laugh on the sidelines. Love it!
Here is a video I caught of the ridiculous energy and humor Maybrie displayed on this particular Sunday evening. It was too long to upload right onto the blog, so follow this link to you tube. Maybrie loves to sing primary songs... and usually while multi-tasking!

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  1. Oh that Thomas has one of the cutest little smiles, especially with those adorable cheeks! Love it! Yes, I too just Love Sundays.... it just peaceful. Cute fam :)