Friday, February 3, 2012

Kicking off the month of LOVE

I have always loved Valentine's, especially the decorations. I just love the red and pink and hearts... it just makes me happy! I know some people who hate the holiday and are bitter because they don't have a Valentine, and honestly this could have easily been me too since I never had a Valentine on Valentine's day until I was married! But, this was never the case. I was always content with a bag of cinnamon lips or cherry hearts shared with my family! I decided to ignore some of the dreary weather outside and brighten up my place with a simple and free craft. I made a heart wreath. All it took was a heart cut out of cardboard, red and pink tissue paper cut into 1" squares, a pencil, Elmer's glue, and a little time... though it went by really fast. This is totally a kid's craft, but I think it turned out pretty cute and from a distance it almost looks like I bought it! :)
Tissue paper squares
Gluing them on
The finished product on my wall

This week my mom came from Utah to Pasco to watch my sister's three kids while they went to Mexico. I don't get to see my mom nearly enough, and since Brian would be busy with end-of-the-month inventory at work, I decided to head to Pasco for a few days. I didn't realize how much I miss talking with my mom until I got several days full of great conversation with her. Whenever we go visit Utah now there is always so much family to talk to that I never get all of the visiting in that I would like. It was nice to have one-on-one time with my mom. Plus, yesterday was her birthday so it was fun to be with her on her special day to celebrate. We went to lunch, and it still cracks me up that she chose Burger King. I would have taken her somewhere nicer but she just wanted a burger. She said it has been a long time since my dad is so serious about his weight watchers goals! ha ha!

My mom with Thomas and Ren
Maybrie and Naomi (when they were playing well together! :))
My mom and the kids eating birthday cake. As always I forgot to get a picture of me with my mom. I am always taking the pictures or too busy with the kids to get around to it! Oh, well. At least I caught a couple shots!
Kicking off this month of love I just want to leave a special love note to my sweet mom! I love you mom and had a great time visiting with you this week. Thanks for your constant love and support and the amazing example you are to me. I love you so much!


  1. I love love that craft! Turned out so cute, and so easy to do! I just my have to copy you :). What a treat to be with just your mom, (well and all the kiddos;). What a treat!

  2. What a nice sister you are! I'll bet Jessica is eternally grateful, I know I would be. Want to watch my kids while we go to Israel over spring break?? ;-) Kidding, kidding. They look like they're having fun, though. The craft is adorable. I've got to get my creative juices flowing again and bust something out. Maybe I'll steal your idea and do something similar.