Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's 2012

On Sunday night Maybrie made her first Valentine's for a little party my friend Melani threw for our preschool age kids on Monday. I thought about buying some valentine's, but then I realized I have plenty of supplies already. Besides, kids just end up throwing them away anyway. I cut hearts out of cardstock and Maybrie had a ball coloring them and putting stickers on.
Decorating sugar cookies at the Valentine party. Once it was frosted Maybrie put some sprinkles on and then just wanted to eat it rather than decorate! I don't blame her, they were yummy!
Her friend Avery on the other hand couldn't get enough frosting and candy on hers!
Halfway through eating her cookie Maybrie decided to add some candy.

On Tuesday, Valentine's day, I made chocolate dipped strawberries for Brian. We had some leftover chocolate, so Maybrie and I dipped graham crackers and marshmallows in it. Yum!
Chocolate dipped strawberries. The kids and I surprised Brian at work with these. It made his day, so I was glad I went through the effort to do it!
For dinner I planned on making homemade pizza because that's what I did on our first Valentine's together, and I kind of want to keep up the tradition. I was so wiped out from the events of the morning and I was babysitting my friend's kids in the afternoon, so I really didn't know how I would fit it in. Thankfully, Brian suggested getting a heartbreaker pizza from Papa Murphy's. I was relieved, and it totally hit the spot.
Maybrie and I decorated the table for our festive dinner consisting of heart-shaped pizza and red juice.
We had a great Valentine's and hope all of you did too. Even though I lost my patience at moments throughout the day while trying to make things extra special. Overall the day was a good reminder of how many people I love, especially my dear husband and children.

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  1. How cute! What a fun mommy you are to make the day extra special! I think about things like that too late I suppose :) Love the heart pizza and I bet you loved that you didn't have to make it!